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Stand Studio

The brand’s founder Nellie Kamras talks leather foundations and Scandinavian simplicity
By: Team Liberty

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The brand’s founder Nellie Kamras talks leather foundations and Scandinavian simplicity

By: Team Liberty

Much like her fashion label, STAND STUDIO, Nellie Kamras has leather foundations. Kamras, who launched the minimal, material-driven brand in 2014, honed her craft working at her father’s Stockholm-based leather company in the years before. Her showcase, a ten-piece leather capsule capsule, was an instant hit - and Kamras has since expanded STAND STUDIO to include playful faux fur and colour-soaked seasonal staples. We caught up with her to talk leather beginnings, Scandinavian simplicity and nonchalant sexiness.

How do you define the STAND aesthetic?

The aesthetic is found in the effortless feminine chic, with contemporary iconic Scandinavian simplicity and purity to every garment.

Why focus on leather?

I love leather, it has always been a natural part of me. I have been carrying a leather jacket since I was a very small kid, seeing as I was basically brought up in the leather business. It is such a luxurious and expressional material which makes it so interesting and rich to work with.

Aside from leather, what are your favourite materials to work with and why?

I also love to work with faux fur, there are sooo many possibilities! It allows us to experiment a lot and push the playfulness more than we do with the other fabrics we work with.

How did you hone your craft?

I always followed my father as he developed new pieces by highlighting the qualities of leather. That has been my foundation for appreciating the materials I work with, both the excitement for new materials and utilising them at their best.

What’s your design ethos?

To meet the demand of expertly designed, high fashion quality pieces in leather, faux fur, wool and shearling at an accessible price.

Who are your leather icons?

We are more inspired by the craftsmanship and the idea of the leather as a material and the modern woman who wears it today, rather than specific leather icons.

How much does Stockholm influence your aesthetic?

I get most inspiration when travelling to other countries and I wouldn’t consider our aesthetics typically Scandinavian - but of course there’s a nod to Stockholm.

Can you tell us about your father’s leather company?

Yes, so my father has owned a leather company for almost 40 years. It’s called House of SAKI and they work with commercial brands and private labels for other brands. So, fashion and outerwear has always naturally been present in my life.

What did you learn from working there?

I learned the foundation of a fashion business. But I would say that I have learned the most during my journey with the building of STAND, where it has been learning by doing.

Where do you source your leather?

In India, where I have a very close relationship with the manufacturers, working with them to develop and push new ideas.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

I’m inspired by everything around me, people I meet, people on the streets, travels, and friends. I have collected inspirations since I was a kid and now I have a huge library of ideas of what to do for STAND.

What’s in the name, STAND STUDIO?

The idea of the name STAND is that we really feel that we proudly can stand for expertise, heritage and craftsmanship through the materials that we are working with.

Do you design with someone in mind?

I always have the STAND girl in mind when I design. She’s aware of where she stands in life and knows exactly what she likes when it comes to style, while still being experimental. She values effortless individuality and quality, at the same time being flirty and confident. And we love the idea of nonchalant sexiness…

How do you see your pieces being styled?

This season, I see my pieces being styled with sneakers and matching faux fur bags from the collection.

What’s your starting point for a new collection?

It is a constant ongoing organic process of collecting ideas and inspiration and that ends up in a start-up meeting with the design team.

Can you tell us about your creative process?

It’s an ongoing process of collecting ideas and inspiration as well as brainstorming with the design team. I create and collect most ideas during the night!

Why did you choose to stock your collection at Liberty?

I actually lived in London during my studies at the European Business School and always loved Liberty! It’s such an inspirational and dreamy store to enter, so it’s a dream come true to have STAND stocked there.

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