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Our fight against your skin concerns continues as we take on anti-pollution skin care

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It’s official, London’s air pollution has hit ‘illegal’ levels. For any beauty buff, this can’t help but beg the question: what is it doing to our skin? With greater consciousness of the issue urban air can pose for our health, the skin care heavyweights have taken note, suggesting we tailor our beauty regimes to target harmful airborne substances – in 2017 alone, we saw sales of pollution-fighting products rocket by 83%, proof that the threat of polluted air is weighing as heavy on your minds as it is ours! With the help of our experts, we break down the basics of anti-pollution skin care, guiding you towards the pollution solutions every city dweller needs.

“Pollution is often underestimated, but it is the second main factor of skin damage after UV damage”
- Susanna Saiu, International Trainer & Technical Education Manager for REN


As if hectic lifestyles weren’t doing enough, rising pollution levels have it in for our skin…

- Existing skin conditions are exacerbated
- Promotes premature ageing – including hyperpigmentation
- Existing skin conditions are exacerbated

"Pollution can’t be escaped or ignored – it's been proven to be one of the biggest catalysts for ageing. It causes inflammation that breaks down collagen and accelerates visible signs of ageing. Pollution can also cause allergic reactions, irritation, and hyperpigmentation. Be mindful, be proactive, educate yourself, protect yourself and remember, it really is everywhere".
- Sylvie Chantecaille, Founder of Chantecaille

“Environmental toxins – think smog, smoke, exhaust fumes and airborne nasties – are increasing our susceptibility to a weakened, fragile skin barrier. The effect of these inflammation-inducing pollutants include hyperpigmentation, dull, clogged, fatigued skin and premature ageing. Choose multi-faceted anti-pollution skincare that defends the skin, simultaneously addressing a number of issues.”
- Funmi Fetto, Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor and Columnist


For those living in urban areas, washing away the day does more than just swipe off makeup…

- Thorough cleansing ensures soot, smog and heavy metals don’t weigh in on your skin
- Use a detoxifying clay mask to lift away pollutants that could settle in pores

“Fighting pollution is not about one magic product. To combat the effects, skin care regimes must have a 360 approach, including key elements such as an efficacious cleanser, vitamin C, an antioxidant and so on. These will not only work to protect and treat the skin, but used in conjunction with one another, they will go a long way in sustaining the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.”
- Funmi Fetto, Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor and Columnist


By destabilising skin-damaging free radicals, antioxidants are key to any pollution-fighting regime…

- In skin care, that means vitamin C - look for ascorbic acid – and vitamin E – often listed as tocopherol
- These compounds boost collagen production to replenish levels stripped by pollutants
- Fight from the inside with an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and olive oil

“The best solution is prevention! My secret to fighting pollution is making sure to load my skin care and my diet with antioxidants, Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream and plenty of fruits and veggies do the trick.”
- Susanna Saiu – International Trainer & Technical Education Manager for REN

“I always carry Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist, a super fine spray that forms a physical shield on the skin, to stop polluted particles penetrating the skin. The plant extracts boost the production of antioxidants to neutralise them – and it fixes my makeup too!”
- Susanna Saiu – International Trainer & Technical Education Manager for REN


When it comes to prevention, create a blockade against pollution by reinforcing your skin’s barrier…
Look for products developed to form an invisible shield and keep aggressors out
- Double up with a daily SPF to inhibit cell mutation

“I created our Anti-Pollution Collection because the industry needed a natural, effective line that treated AND prevented pollution damage. The Mattifying Cream is a perfecting moisturiser for flawless, protected skin that uses an antioxidant and metal binding complex to protect skin cells from urban dust, reduce accumulation of heavy metals and PM adhesion. The Finishing Essence layers over serum for a dewy complexion instantly shielded from pollution with a network of botanical sugars, reducing PM adhesion by 47%, smoothing pores and fine lines, and preventing penetration of allergens."
- Sylvie Chantecaille, Founder of Chantecaille

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