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Discover the Fragrance Lounge

Meet the Fragrance Lounge: A Destination For Discovery

Our new space dedicated to the art of perfumery is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, with a curation of the most exciting niche brands and bespoke experiences on every counter

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A Destination For Discovery

A Destination For Discovery

Our new space dedicated to the art of perfumery is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, with a curation of the most exciting niche brands and bespoke experiences on every counter

Liberty has always been much more than a store. Perhaps as famous for our dedication to the artistic movement as we are for our iconic store and discovery brands, Liberty now has a new immersive destination for you to experience.

The Fragrance Lounge is an exciting new way to experience perfume, where you can explore a vast range of hand-picked and niche fragrances, ranging from renowned powerhouses like Gucci and Chloe, to niche stars such as EX NIHILO and Perfumer H and, of course, our very own Liberty LBTY. Fragrance. But the fragrance Lounge is so much more than just a perfume hall. Like your favourite spot in a hotel or members’ club, The Fragrance Lounge is a place to relax, press pause and enjoy a range of special services.

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The Fragrance Lounge
The Fragrance Lounge

Allow our Concierge Team to direct you to a private suite, where our expert noses will take you on a journey through scent, exploring the artisanal perfumery process. Their bespoke service will be tailored to you and you’ll be paired with a perfume suited directly to your tastes, while you enjoy complimentary refreshments and get to take away a special memento of your experience. Gift wrapping and bottle engraving is also available on any purchases made within the appointment.

With a curation of the world’s finest fragrances outlined in our edit and housed in olfactory families ready for you to explore, there are plenty of perfumes to discover. All this and more is structured around a show-stopping artistic centrepiece, The Noseum: an interactive wall of noses, created by sculptor Tasha Marks | AVM Curiosities.

Get to know some of the brands featured now in The Fragrance Lounge…

Liberty LBTY. Fragrance

If you are yet to meet Liberty LBTY. Fragrance, Liberty's very own perfume brand made in collaboration with some of the world’s most famous perfumers, let us introduce you. A reimagining of some of Liberty’s most iconic prints in scent. The artistic collection features five exhilarating scents, consisting of evocative botanicals and essential oils, that are designed to take you on a sensory journey, while also appealing to your visual appetite.

But what makes Liberty LBTY. Fragrances so unique? Well not only do they allow you to experience the Liberty magic through a whole new medium, the collection celebrates some of the world’s top perfumers, the very same noses behind many of the iconic scents you already know and love. These expert Noses have managed to conjure up signature scents in the making, evocative of some of the most extraordinary scenes.

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Founded in 2013, Parisian perfumery EX NIHILO uses the finest natural ingredients to create disruptive perfumes housed in classic, clear glass bottles and topped with decadent gold lids for an opulent finish.

EX NIHILO, which means made from scratch in Latin, was founded by Sylvie Loday, Olivier Royère and Benoît Verdier after the three decided to quit their jobs and unite to disrupt the perfume industry with a new indie brand. Inspired by both the creative Avant-Garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, the perfume house challenges stereotypes with its high-quality, niche scents and the founders’ unique backgrounds.

Matiere Premiere

Master perfumer, Aurélien Guichard celebrates natural ingredients and their many olfactive facets with perfume house, Matière Premiere – French for raw material. It’s safe to say Aurélien Guichard is an expert in fragrance notes, having come from a Grasse-based family that grew jasmine and roses for perfumers and learned the meticulous art of scent first-hand.

Taking a fuss-free approach, Matiere Premiere presents perfumes made using the slow perfumery method that allows a single fragrance note to stand in the spotlight, bringing out its distinctive scent, while harnessing the very best nature.

Perfumer H

An artisanal fragrance brand committed to sustainability and creative collaboration. Perfumer H was founded by British perfumer, Lyn Harris, to give customers elevated, elegantly aromatic perfumes that don’t come at a cost to the planet. Packed with natural ingredients and housed in recycled bottles created by world-class glassblower, Michael Ruh, Perfumer H aims to provide unique perfumes and candles that reflect life and nature while maintaining a signature simplicity.

Lyn Harris first drew inspiration from her grandparents, and the summers spent on their farm in Scotland, noting the connection between smell and memory, before deciding she wanted to reintroduce natural products into perfumery.

More Fragrance Lounge Brands to Know:


Italian icon, Gucci offers eclectic blends of sultry woods alongside fresh florals housed in the label’s distinctive bottles.

L'Artisan Parfumeur

Meet the French luxury perfume brand founded on traditional perfumery and escapism.


Designed to evoke the essence of sophistication, Fugazzi creates transformative fragrances that are as unexpected as they are aromatic.


A true ode to beauty, Guerlain celebrates the individuality of each woman through mythical creations and original scents.


Free-spirited and feminine, the Iconic French luxury fashion house creates relaxed and romantic fragrances with a certain spark.


Unisex fragrances that are not merely scents; they are narratives, stories woven from the threads of founder, Stina “Bibbi” Seger’s inner world during meditation.

D.S. & Durga

D.S. & Durga interpret olfactory essence as an art form, working under the notion that aroma can conjure fantastical worlds, particularly of music and memory.


No stranger to the fragrance world, Creed is a cult favourite due to its creation of highly original, artisan fragrances for both men and women, formed from the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

Vilhelm Parfumerie

Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, a passionate and visionary nose, explores the connection between emotions and essences with engaging luxury fragrances.

Infiniment Coty

Dreamt up by Sue Nabi and Nicolas Vu, Infiniment Coty creates special scent messages in fragrance form inspired by their motivations, convictions, experiences and roots. Launching soon, exclusive to Liberty.

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