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Andrea Fohrman

The LA-based jewellery designer on the power of healing stones.
By: Team Liberty

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Andrea Fohrman
Stone Healers

Andrea Fohrman

The LA-based jewellery designer on the power of healing stones

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By: Team Liberty

Creating celestial-inspired collections from stones charged with magnetic forces, LA-based jewellery designer Andrea Fohrman’s dreamlike pieces are as powerful as they are pretty. As we enter a season of restoration, Fohrman sheds some light on the healing properties of her favourite stones – a naturopathic approach to resetting body and mind.


I like to work with Malachite because it is incredible to me that something so unique and beautiful comes from the earth. I love collecting one of a kind pieces, and also have specially cut stones made in India to go along with my celestial theme. Most importantly, I like to gift Malachite to my friends in need of healing energy for their health. These properties make Malachite one of the most healing gemstones, along with its abilities to help cleanse your soul and bring transformation from within.


When it comes to colour, it is hard to compare any stone to the hues of Chrysocolla. My mind instantly escapes to the clear blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea. After learning more, I am deeply connected to this stone because It helps boost communication and self-expression by taking out the negative from the body. Helpful for clearing away stress from the body so your mind is more rational and clear.


There are so many different versions of Opal from all over the world and each has its own unique and beautiful colour, along with a rainbow effect in the background. Opals have fiery metaphysical characteristics and bring out one’s inner passion and spontaneity. It is said Opals help with creativity and originality. It is also said that Opals help with fighting infections inside the body, along with memory repair inside the brain.

Rainbow Hematite

I have worked with Hematite for many years, however at a Gem Show a few years back, I discovered Rainbow Hematite. The colours are all natural and I could not believe it! Because of Hematite’s magnetic characteristics, this stone can eliminate negativity from the body. It also can help you to remain balanced and centered.

Lapis Lazuli

Because I am always drawn to colour, there is nothing quite as pure as Lapis Lazuli. It is also one of the oldest known gemstones. The cobalt blue colour is rich and smooth but what’s most interesting are the natural gold flecks inside the Lapis. The power of Lapis is very strong, insight, truth and awareness are all the healing properties of this gemstone.

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