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We talk to the brands making ethics a priority

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Fashion is the second most wasteful industry in terms of polluting our planet - but eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable production is finally on its agenda. With the crackdown on unfair policies, waste and harmful materials in its early stages, we discuss the issue with the designer’s setting the future standard – advancing towards a greener tomorrow through transparency.


“In May 2018 we joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and their Circular Economy initiative. By joining their initiative, we can really start changing the industry, protecting this beautiful planet. The great thing about being part of this, is that they help you connect with other fashion brands and try to find solutions together. Moreover, we can use more and more alternative fibres because one of their main points is to get the brands connected with suppliers that are fully certified and all fibres are traceable. Our signature ready to wear pieces like the Hide Puffer Jacket for example, are all made of vegan leather, a material that cuts off a toxic and harmful tanning process in its manufacture, without compromising the quality.”
Sandra Sandor

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“I've always wanted Alighieri to feel like an antique or relic, so it made sense to be working with recycled bronze. Ancient bronze artefacts were an immediate inspiration, so when I found a caster who worked with recycled bronze, it became a very simple decision! Everything we create is supposed to be a forever-piece. I don't believe in trends, or buying something that you don't believe you will keep and wear forever. Alighieri is sustainable in the way that the pieces become a part of you, they are made by hand and have a story. They never go out of style, and as you grow, your collection grows with you. Our sustainable practices in production (local manufacturers, handmade waxes) are reflective of our entire story.”
Rosh Mahtani

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“After working in the high-street fashion business for many years, I was fed up with bad quality and taking advantage of people in order to create cheap fashion, and byTiMo is therefore created for the conscious consumer. With byTiMo we work with long-lasting trends, long-lasting fabrications and a sustainable and ethical production process. I hope the key words for the future are honesty and transparency, smaller scale productions, long-lasting and ethical.”
Tine Mollatt

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Sensi Studio
Sensi Studio

“Sensi Studio prides itself in working in a close environment of social responsibility with their artisans and their craft, working mostly with woman artisans in the Andean region. We provide work and fair remuneration for the development of their communities. A lot of our weaving ladies are mothers and work from their homes. This is mostly in the Andes region of Ecuador, where there are the best artisanal weaving communities. Our main goal in the elaboration of these products is to give creative work opportunities for the artisans, where they can show off their craft and abilities and at the same time to help maintain the millenary craft of weaving Toquilla Straw alive.”
Stephany Sensi

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Mara Hoffman
Mara Hoffman

“I was becoming more aware of the fashion industry’s damaging effects on the environment and realised that I could not consciously continue to be a participant in this cycle. We overhauled our entire process from design through to production, and now focus on longevity by implementing take-back programs to help reach our goals of circularity. Selecting more responsible fabrics was, and continues to be a huge part, of our evolution, and we are committed to options that create the least amount of environmental impact across the board. We focus on the durability of garments at the onset of design now by truly thinking about longevity and end of life. We also are dedicated to various community initiatives, understanding that sustainability does not just mean focusing on clothes but rather the grander scope of social impact.”
Mara Hoffman

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