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Get to know why the cult Italian ceramics brand is set to be top of your wish list
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richard ginori 1735 richard ginori 1735

Your Next Go-To: Ginori 1735

Get to know why the cult Italian ceramics brand is set to be top of your wish list
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By: Kate Przybyla

Ginori 1735
Your Next Go-To

Ginori 1735

Get to know why the cult Italian ceramics brand is set to be top of your wish list

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With nearly 300 years of history, it’s Italy’s oldest and most iconic porcelain studio, and Ginori 1735 continues to channel innovative design into traditionally crafted Florentine ceramics. Finding a place on the Pope’s dinner table, even the Vatican has given its stamp of approval. Now, as part of the Kering Group, recent years have marked the arrival of a host of fashion-first collaborations, working with the likes of Gucci, Luke Edward Hall, CABANA and Missoni Home – think seriously covetable tableware – and for the first time, a bold focus on home fragrance.

“The Ginori 1735 mission is to forward a modern Renaissance, a rebirth and rediscovery of the pleasure, personal expression, and art of everyday life. Ginori 1735 embodies the bold combination of a deep, worth-preserving heritage and innovation, exploring the present where fashion and homeware are increasingly intertwined.”

Gracious Audacious

Geometric repeat, evocative floral or fantastical illustration, thematic design drives Ginori 1735’s mix-and-match aesthetic in a bold clash of influences that seamlessly work in harmony…

Gracious audacious is the element that most distinguishes the brand. The Manifattura’s vibrant style delivers a gracious spirit with a decidedly-Italian flair – the most sophisticated merging of craft and art. This brash combination of taste and the perfect harmony between 286 years of tradition and continuous renovation has always been at the heart of Ginori 1735.”

Artistic Alchemy

Joining forces with multidisciplinary designer, Luca Nichetto, has given life to new collection, La Compagnia di Caterina, its scented works of art played out in ceramic and wax, signalling new explorations into home fragrance…

“Luca Nichetto mixed the Manifattura’s statuary heritage and historical roots with Lucha Libre masks, the illustrations of Jean-Paul Goude and graffiti art. The statuesque faces of the characters become the archetypal protagonists of the very first home fragrance collection by Ginori 1735.”

“This artistic alchemy of graphic symbols creates a fusion of the scents and colours which evoke the ingredients used to create the fragrances. A symbolic sensory journey, between places and traditions, linking Florence and Paris.”

Fragrance with an Afterlife

With scented candles poured into decorative vessels as beautifully made as the wax creations within them, Ginori 1735 works with the most prestigious creators to develop timeless ceramics, intended to outlive, and evolve with the scents they contain…

“The La Compania di Caterina fragrances are developed by Jean Niel, the oldest perfume house in France founded in 1779, telling a memorable story, reawakening sensations, and naturally disseminating a long-lasting scent. In harmony with Ginori 1735’s creativity and art, the candles can be refilled and combined with any of the fragrances, to enjoy an afterlife.

Future History

Bringing historic design to a new generation, Ginori 1735 has solidified itself as a piece of the past that’s as relevant now as ever, with a thirst for innovation that shows no signs of stopping…

“Being increasingly close to a young and connected public, Ginori 1735 reaffirmed its attention to the evolving tastes and lifestyle of the next generation, reinvesting its heritage with the vision of the future generation across all disciplines, from fashion to art, from design to architecture, from film to decoration and society. Nowadays, luxury is much more than heritage, exquisite craftmanship and extraordinary know-how: it is also the freedom of choice to express one’s individuality.”

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