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Liberty Fabrics Trade Account

Are you a small business interested in buying Liberty Fabrics? Join our trade project and you could be eligible to receive an unmissable discount.

*Please note: Customers who wish to join the Liberty Fabrics Trade Account must first create a Liberty account through our site. The Trade Account is not a traditional wholesale service, but rather a service for businesses that are too small to sustain the Minimum Order Quantity for wholesale.

STEP 1: Do I qualify?

You are eligible for a Liberty Fabrics trade account if you are…

  1. Purchasing fabrics for use in the course of a business
  2. Able to buy 10m or more in each order; and
  3. Able to provide details of your business, including a link to your company website or other online storefront from which your Liberty fabrics products are sold

Applications for an account will be reviewed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions

If you match these requirements, you’ll access 20% off across all full price dress fabrics (furnishing fabrics and clearance excluded)

STEP 2: How do I apply?

Fill in the survey below so we can verify your company information*…

Once registered, there’s nothing more to do but wait for us to get back to you. We’ll email you a registration link once your information has been verified.


STEP 3: Extra information

Read the full Terms & Conditions here

*Please note: Customers who are able to buy 250m or more (across one SKU or multiples) are eligible for a wholesale account, and can apply here.

  1. Is there a limit to how many metres I can buy per order?
    You can use the discount to buy any quantity between 10 and 250 metres. This can be on one just product SKU, or across multiple different ones.

  2. Do you send swatches or samples to review before placing the orders?
    We do not currently offer swatches or sampling services.

  3. Can I have a preview of the future collection?
    We cannot provide previews of future collections.

  4. I can’t see the fabric I want online. Can I pre-order before it comes back into stock?
    We don’t have the ability to reserve fabrics before they are available on site.

  5. Will the discount change based on the quantities I buy?
    The discount will be a flat 20% off – we cannot offer a higher discount percentage based on the quantity the customer wants to buy.

  6. Can I purchase in store with the small business discount?
    The discount is not applicable to store purchases.

  7. Can I buy furnishing fabrics with the discount?
    The discount is not applicable to furnishing fabrics.

  8. If I want to buy more than 250 metres because my business has grown, can I move to wholesale?
    If you are a Liberty Fabrics Trade Account customer who later decides they want to buy 250 metres or more, please get in contact with us at to be put in touch with the wholesale team.

  9. I’m in the process of opening my business. Can I apply?
    We don’t accept businesses that are not yet open for business. Your company needs to already be active to be accepted.

  10. I’ve just accessed my account but can’t see the trade prices.
    The discount will be applied only at checkout when the customer has added 10 metres or more to the basket. When customers log in after being accepted, they will see a message under each fabric saying “buy 10m or more to get 20% off”.

  11. I want a fabric I saw on another website but can’t find it on What can I do?
    Liberty Fabrics found on other websites cannot be purchased through this service, unless they are available on our site.

  12. The email address I used to apply is no longer in use. How can I update my details?
    Customers wishing to update their details will need to email, who will then update the information.
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