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In a promise to reclaim The Slowdown, Liberty says ‘Relax’ (and do it in style)
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Liberty Says Relax Liberty Says Relax

Liberty says Relax: Master The Brunch

In a promise to reclaim The Slowdown, Liberty says ‘Relax’ (and do it in style)
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By: Sophie Beresiner

Master The Brunch
Liberty Says Relax

Master The Brunch

In a promise to reclaim The Slowdown, Liberty says ‘Relax’ (and do it in style)

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By: Sophie Beresiner

Remember just chilling? Luxuriating in loungewear? Maybe for a lazy brunch with good friends that may well go on till evening (if the mimosas are flowing) and still, you don’t get dressed. Whilst the world is busy occupying the fast lane again - perhaps we’re making up for lost time - we wanted to redefine our down time, and we think we have the perfect recipe, (because we tested it out ourselves first, just to be sure). Please promise yourself some space to remember the slowdown, and curate your own Liberty Says Relax brunch experience with everything you need, from your tablescape to your menu to your favourite Liberty Silk or Tana Pyjamas


If you make the (correct) decision not to get ‘properly’ dressed for brunch, then do it in style. Depending on the mood, the temperature, the likelihood of your Liberty black garlic ketchup escaping your sausage and egg muffin, go casual cotton or sumptuous silk. The latter does need to be a black ketchup garlic free zone, but will set a very special tone.

Style Tip: Mismatching a silk robe over a contrasting print nightie or pyjama set is about as impactful an outfit as it is possible to lounge in.


This is where style is equal to substance. A grazing board down the centre of the table adds a visual element that is immediately impressive, but also satisfies the hunger spectrum (eat as much or little as you or your individual guests feel like). In contrast to the sophisticated set up, individually boxed breakfast muffins are an easy win. The brunch equivalent of pie n mash, just beware of the potential to spill on your PJs.


Bryony Sheridan is our resident ‘scape artist, and curated our Liberty Says Relax brunch set up with The Slowdown in mind. Her top three tips are as follows;

1. Flowers add a layer of beauty to a table, and for a brunch I love a bud vase like the Anissa Kermiche Little Lady Duo. It’s the best way to add little surprising pops of colour.
2. Not everybody loves to drink before lunchtime, I always have a variety of options, but have the same glass for so everyone so no one feels they’re missing out.
3. Brunch should feel relaxed, so make the table setting playful rather than formal, For our Liberty Says relax brunch I used the Les Ottomans Raddichio Plates to contrast the classic Liberty print placemats, and mismatched candlesticks so it feels a little loose.
4. For brunch have sharing platters and enough of a table setting to let it be really versatile, so add in mugs and platters and small plates to let everyone set their own pace.


Created by Yann Bouvignies, Head Bartender of Scarfes Bar at Rosewood London

1. Ingredients

- 50ml Damson Vodka Liqueur
- 40ml Spice Mix
- 100ml Yellow Tomato Juice
- 1 tbsp Lemon juice, plus 2 slices to serve

Spice Mix: (feel free to add anything you like as spice or savoury elements...) Ingredients: 700ml Worcestershire Sauce / 10gr Marmite / 30gr All grain mustard / 50gr BBQ Sauce / 50gr Fresh Red Peppers / 10gr Fresh ginger skin on / 5gr Piment d’espelette / 100ml Tawny Port.

2. Method

1. Build into a highball filled up with ice.
2. Put all ingredients into a blender and blitz for 10seconds.
3.Fine Strain. Keep refrigerated.


Liberty Says Relax, to the point we’ve created your brunch menu so you don’t have to. Take it as inspiration, or literally, just take it. Download here (everything else you need is added to your basket already, right?)

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