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From first design to final upholstery – following the creation of the Vegas Lounger
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Liberty Fabrics Interiors: Journey Of A Chair Liberty Fabrics Interiors: Journey Of A Chair

Liberty Fabrics Interiors: Journey Of A Chair

From first design to final upholstery – following the creation of the Vegas Lounger
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The Journey Of A Chair
Liberty Fabrics Interiors

The Journey Of A Chair

From first design to final upholstery – following the creation of the Vegas Lounger, the perfect canvas to showcase Liberty’s Modern Archive Collection

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The Vegas Lounger was built by hand by furniture maker and designer Stuart Scott at his workshop in Wiltshire, England, as a made-to-measure display showpiece for Liberty Fabrics Interiors’ Modern Archive Collection. Upholstered with our Ladbroke and Emberton dual-purpose heavy linens, the chair features Liberty’s archival print Zennor Arbour, recoloured and reimagined for the all-new furnishing fabrics range. Scott believes in using traditional materials that “speak for themselves”, to create long-lasting heirloom furniture with a contemporary edge. Like our new collection, Scott’s work places an emphasis on heritage knowledge and expertise as viewed through a modern design perspective. We asked him to talk us through the creation of the chair, from initial inspirations to the final hand-detailing.

What are the origins of the Vegas Lounger?

The Vegas was among the first pieces I created as an independent brand. I wanted to create a chair that you could completely sit back and relax in, and that also had a strong sculptural feel. The sweeping arm and angled high back gives the chair a unique aesthetic – it’s a statement piece where comfort is key.

What processes went into creating this chair?

It’s the perfect combination of modern and traditional – our frames are partly made on our CNC machine, and the legs are cut from solid walnut and then oiled by hand using a natural wax oil. Then the springing, sewing and upholstery is also all done by hand. The seat cushion combines a foam with a feather and down wrap – down is extremely soft, so combining it with the feather and a foam core creates a perfectly structured result.

What was it like working with Liberty Fabrics Interiors?

The fabrics we were provided, Ladbroke and Emberton linens, were beautiful. Once on the cutting table we were able to start putting together the templates, and then sewing and upholstering. The soft handle and delicate support of the structure of the fabric made for very clean lines in the upholstery. Under tension the fabrics cleaned out straight away and the seams held beautifully in the intricate scroll arm details. The fabric complemented the clean sculptural lines of the piece perfectly.

What is so distinctive about a bold Liberty print such as Zennor Arbour?

It is particularly nice to work with bold patterns, as the piece takes on a whole new personality. Zennor Arbour is absolutely beautiful, and I also really like Hera Feather. It would be really interesting to see either the Alae Lounge Chair or Fleure Sofa from my collection upholstered in one of these.

This fabric has an unusually large repeat – was this a challenge to work with?

Large repeats are sometimes challenging. Once the fabric has been rolled out on to the cutting table, we imagine how this will upholster with the design of the chair in our mind’s eye – I think of panels, and of how patterns will work taking into consideration the inside and outside backs, arms and seat cushion. Within the pattern there will always be focal points that would be better off being centred around an element of the chair design, so that the fabric can be best seen. It quickly becomes apparent once we begin the upholstery whether the positioning has worked!

What upholstery trends do you see on the horizon?

We are still in the middle of all things fringed and fluted – but I sense a fundamental change coming that is bigger than any style. My feeling is for an authentic hand-crafted trend to take over as the perfect antidote to the throwaway culture of yesteryear. I think there is a real hunger for authenticity, and a built-to-last ethos that is in many ways the perfect answer to sustainability. People are realising what we are capable of creating in the UK – traditional skills and crafts are being recognised and appreciated more and more. This will translate into choices of more natural and sustainable materials, and method and skill will dictate how a piece looks aesthetically. There is something beautiful about a hand-stitched or decorative nailed border, or a dyed and creased piece of leather – it becomes a talking point, a celebrated detail that elevates the piece. Detail, after all, is what makes something special – that’s what I was always taught.

The Vegas Lounger chair is part of Stuart Scott’s collection of made-to-order pieces, chosen by Liberty Fabrics Interiors to showcase the prints and patterns of the new collection. Two chairs were made, and both reside in the main interiors space on the 4th Floor of the Liberty flagship store – along with the rest of the collection.

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