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Beauty For Your Zodiac
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Beauty For Your Zodiac

In case you need some product-buying guidance, that next Liberty Beauty Hall investment awaits your fundamental astrological connection

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By: Sophie Beresiner

According to an inherent generational belief that everything can be allocated to and directed by your star sign, we wanted to help you make the decision of what beauty to buy next. The most sensible way, once you’ve trawled the beauty hall and assessed all the recommendations, is to look to the zodiac, of course.



Aries are always so chilled, so nice and calm, on the outside at least. Still, there is a warmth and an ease to you that makes others want to be near, (or is that your pheromone perfume?) You like to take a meditative approach to your beauty routine. CBD is your hero ingredient. Essential oils, essential.

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Hand picked for Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Taureans are usually very into ‘things’. This is a compliment rather than a criticism. It means you are precise in your choices, be that in your profession, social life or, yes, your beauty buys. You take a single product and make it hero. A bold lip that is punchier than absolutely necessary, and little else. The it-cream that will save your skin.

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Hand picked for Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

Geminis tend to be impulsive and outgoing. Where beauty is concerned this does not directly translate as ‘crazy’, rather your impulsiveness is more refined to a rebellion, like a metallic eye, but off-set. A purple lip when everyone else is going red. (And purple is always the correct choice), a serum so effective you don’t necessarily need a moisturiser.

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Hand picked for Cancer (22 June – 23 July)

Intuitive and protective, Cancerians wear their heart on their sleeves and their sentiment on their face. Makeup tends to be on the moodier side, fragrance subtle, face masks that deliver on their promise a must. A scribbled kohl will look beautiful with plump, glowing skin, it’s the juxtaposition; I’m fresh as a daisy, but also don’t mess with me.

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Hand Picked for Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Blessed with absolute self-confidence, but averse to breaking too many rules, Leos are exuberant, loving, and the best kind of show offs. You need a signature scent that captures your entire personality and shouts about it, loudly. And your makeup must finish that conversation with bells on. Bold is best!

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Hand picked for Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Virgo is the most supremely reliable and ordered of the signs. You are drawn to classic, beautiful, glamorous and naturally impactful. In makeup terms you need a red lip, a feline flick, while your skincare is a ritual of cleansing and layering. You’ll give it a month before you’re onto the next thing. Unless it works, then you’re pretty much loyal for life.

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Hand picked for Libra (23 September – 23 October)

Librans need balance – of course – so you are as focused on finding the next best skin investment as you are your signature makeup look. Speaking of which, you want classic but extra attention-grabbing at the same time. Perfectly symmetrical liner is a good mood, but in something surprising like silver or blue. Bold and beautiful in equal measures (equal measures balance the scales you see).

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Hand picked for Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Widely known for being passionate (sexy) and intense (dramatic), Scorpios are strong decision makers, so it’s really quite cut and dry for you, beauty wise. The most evocative fragrance possible, the reliably sultry smoky eye, the dewy primer that gives a flushed skin finish that does nothing to undo the Scorpio cliché.

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Hand picked for Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Sagittarians are honest - sometimes too honest - optimistic and adventurous. So you’ll have high hopes for the latest highly active eye cream you’ve seen everywhere. You are all about improvement, and yes, that does extend to your skin care. Can you fix your issues with one incredible purchase? It might be the best thing you ever found, so you’re willing to give it a go.

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Hand picked for Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Capricorns tend to be quietly ambitious, or just ambitious full stop. You chase the product-promise, and you’re gently groomed to low key perfection. Clean, glowing skin, a sharp, simple hair silhouette, and an effective beauty routine that doesn’t mess around. Actives? Tell me more. Deeper delivery to the skin? Sold.

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Hand picked for Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

The most mysterious (and quirkiest) of all the signs, Aquarians are not governed by anyone's opinions of them. You are more than happy to be experimental, to colour outside the lines, maybe sometimes literally. You love innovation and an alternative scent. And you especially like it if you can find it first. Let us help with that.

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Hand picked for Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

The most compassionate, empathic sign, Pisceans see no shame in expressing their emotions, so make your mascara waterproof, and your beauty routine as kind to your skin as it is to the planet. Sustainability and efficacy are your safe words. You like to look good, but you like to feel better.

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