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best mothers day gifts

The Mother of All Mother’s Day Gifts

What would she really like this Mother’s Day? A gift that’s just as sentimental as it is indulgent. Just ask one of these mums…
By: Shannon Peter

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The Mother of All Mother’s Day Gifts

The Mother of All Mother’s Day Gifts

What would she really like this Mother’s Day? A gift that’s just as sentimental as it is indulgent. Just ask one of these appreciative mums…

By: Shannon Peter

Mother's Day gift ideas are notoriously tricky, because how is it possible to surmise all the love and adoration you have for your mother in a single ribbon-wrapped object? It may not be easy, but if you're here searching for the best possible Mothers day gifts, then we would like to help assuage the brain ache. We surveyed a select committee of tastemaker mothers on the greatest gifts they’ve ever opened (teary-eyed, of course) on Mothering Sunday – as well as those topping their wishlist this year. Consider these the mother of all Mother’s Day gift ideas…

Chloe Forde, mother of two, fashion stylist and co-founder of Ace and Prince

“Last year was really lovely. My daughter Noah was that little bit older so understood a bit more about the idea of giving someone a gift and why days like Mother’s Day are special. She made me a card and picked flowers from a hydrangea tree that I love behind our flat. I’m also candle obsessed so I have been treated to a Diptyque candle every year which for me is always the ultimate indulgence.”


Catherine Cho, founder of Paper Literary and author of INFERNO: A Memoir of Motherhood and Madness

“In 2020, my husband gave me a Liberty leather notebook with gilt pages. It's a beautiful pale green with vines embossed on the front. For me, the notebook feels very hopeful. There's something really beautiful and grounding about a physical gift, particularly something that's meant to hold words and memories. It was also such an unexpected luxury. To be honest, I still haven't written in it, it's still in its box, because I don't want to mark the pages. Maybe I'll write something for my children.”


Sophie Beresiner author of The Motherproject, and Liberty Head of Content

“After forty odd years of spending it simply adoring my own mum, it was finally my turn to be on the receiving end of Mother’s Day only last year. I therefore don’t have the best pool of experience to dip into, but if I take out the obvious best present – my long awaited daughter – the first gift was the greatest; A beautiful pearl initial pendant to add to my obsessive collection of ‘M’ jewellery. Because, lest I forget, I finally have a child now and her name begins with M!”


Jordan Mitchell, mother of three and co-founder of Good Culture

“My daughter writes poetry (@poemsbyjada) and last year she wrote an original poem for me which was incredibly special. I tend to treasure sentimental things from my children. I absolutely love anything homemade. My husband is also very switched on and will always match my children’s loving sentiment with a lust worthy treat, my favourite being a gorgeous Fornasetti candle.”


Georgina Graham, makeup artist, creative consultant and mother of twins Saoirse and Mia

“The best Mother’s Day present I ever received was a 1970s-inspired yellow gold chain Philippa Herbert necklace with a yellow gold round disc medallion that has my babies’ fingerprints, names and date of birth on. I wear it every single day and almost never take it off; it has become a talisman. It makes me feel an extra level of connection to my girls when I am away from them for work or even whilst they are at school.”


Julia Diogo, nail artist and mother of seven-year-old Logan

“The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was a black and white canvas print of myself and my son in his early years of life. This was and always will be super special to me as it is amazing to have something to look back on as the years almost seem to fly by when you become a parent.”


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