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Susie Bubble

We talk to fashion blogger Susie Lau about thrifting, self-publishing and approaching fashion on her own terms

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Credits: Styling: Susie Lau | Photography: Ryan Handy | Hair: Masie @ Josh Wood | Make-Up: Shu Uemura

Susie Bubble’s insightful, informed commentary and eclectic personal style have made her one of the industry’s most well-respected fashion bloggers. With a legendarily fun and fearless approach to fashion, she’s been propelled into the cult-icon stratosphere, the go-to blogger for photographers, designers and fashion-insiders alike.

"I’m really proud that fashion blogging has become a genre where people can make an independent living."

"I started Style Bubble for me; it was supposed to be a private hobby. At the time I wasn’t working in fashion, so it was my way of ‘doing’ fashion without it being my job. Then it just took off. I didn’t go into it with a business plan, I just wanted to talk about fashion on my own terms. It was a time when that space was really empty; I call it 1.0 blogging, we set a precedent and then 2.0 and 3.0 went in and saw it as a business.

I’m really proud that fashion blogging has become a genre where people can make an independent living. Self-publishing has fundamentally changed the fashion industry and a lot more people are reading about fashion and hearing about brands because there are so many more channels now. Fashion is less closeted as people can get their information from many different sources, not just from established publishing houses. And it’s made the publishing houses change how they approach their own content. It’s pushed everyone to think differently about how they communicate, it’s made the space way more varied, way more chaotic, but I think that’s a good thing.

When I was growing up I went to a really liberal girls’ school and they were all about freedom of expression. It was really idealistic.

“I never felt the need to dress to impress anyone else; dressing to please myself is something I’ve always done.”

I hate when people impose rules around style. Style is whatever you want it to be. You can play with it and have fun with it... I think it’s a very fluid thing. My look has stayed more or less the same since I started Style Bubble, but now it’s probably more refined. I have been very lucky to have access to things; and knowing how products are made, you prioritise different things. It’s about appreciation.

It’s my natural instinct to really play up colours and think ‘what is the most amount of colour I can get away with?’ That’s why I chose my Peter Pilotto coat – which I call my technicolour dream coat – to wear with the Patchwork Collection. I just love the Iphis print and putting the colours together makes them pop even more. The collection has a really great combination of colour palette and print, two things I love, so they’re a bit of a no-brainer for me.

My mum is so classic and she hated everything that I wore growing up - the only piece I’ve inherited from her is a plain, beige Burberry trench coat. That coat defines her style, the opposite of mine. In my early 20s, I was really experimental; I would make my own things and I had a lot more time to go thrifting.

Now I don’t do that as much, but my favourite thing to do in London still is hunting for vintage. It’s something that you really need to dedicate time to; it’s not shopping in a rush or shopping for convenience.”

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