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Larsson and Jennings have been uniting Stockholm and London in the form of modern, minimalist watches since 2012. The definition of contemporary design with a vintage twist, their blend of the classic and fashion-forward is taking over the world of timekeeping, one smart, slimline design at a time. We went behind the scenes with to find out what makes this modern watchmaker tick. . .

“The whole idea of what we wanted to do from the start was to take a classic British dress watch and honour that look, with a more minimalist approach coming from our Scandinavian roots. We try to marry contemporary and classic design but keep it minimal. Our priority as a brand is always to straddle that line between a classic dress watch with contemporary features, as well as keeping everything minimal.

Our brand ethos is very much about subtlety, with a dedication to the materials and quality of fabric. All our watch heads are Swiss-made, with Swiss movement, but our tanneries are based in Scandinavia and Somerset. All the straps are handmade, and we try to honour our Stockholm and London roots in terms of materials.

As modern watchmakers, we were one of the first watch-specific brands to take a very minimalist approach to contemporary design, and the play on the British dress watch is obviously very important to what we try and do. Our customer is fashion conscious and appreciative of subtlety and sleek design as opposed to anything too loud or brash.

Our watch face and the hands we use, the Roman numerals, the casing design, are much more classic in their look. We work with a contemporary approach but still like to have elements of the classic British watch in our product. As we luxuriate as a brand it’s going to be harder to convert the more expensive pieces online, which is why we’ve invested in bricks and mortar, and why we have retailers like Liberty who stock our product.

We always wanted to be stocked in Liberty; it’s one of the best, if not the best, boutique department stores. It’s a perfect fit for us because we have quite an achievable price point delivered in a premium, luxury way. This works for us because Liberty is a luxury store, but it’s still achievable, curating interesting product and left-field fashion perfectly with core brands.”

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