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Garden of Temptation

Feast on a surrealist banquet of prints, abundant with ripe fruits and creeping florals

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New for Autumn/Winter 2017, Liberty Fabrics’ Garden of Temptation is a deliciously decadent exploration of the dichotomous world of food.

Inspired by the works of Hieronymous Bosch, the collection captures the aesthetic of a rich Renaissance fairytale banquet; a celebration of hedonism that conversely holds hidden and unexpected elements in surrealist tones of twisted charm and dark humour.

A visual feast of forbidden fruits and earthly delights in rich and opulent palettes – from the intriguing dusty shades of butterfly wings and dew-coated berries, to the unusual tones of artichoke flowers and vibrant juicy figs – Garden of Temptation is a sumptuous study in food, glorious food. Satiate your greed and indulge in a glut of creative possibilities as we serve up four new stories, all ripe for the picking.

Dark and Delicious
Prints: Floral Earth, Earthly Delights, Winter Berry, Strawberry Fields, Temptation Meadow, Berry Dream
Themes of re-birth and renewal are central to the essence of these luscious designs; themes borrowed from, and fully encapsulated in, the Italian Renaissance. Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’, which rejoices in the renewal of springtime and evokes a sense of earthly fertility and growth, was an inspirational starting point for the richness of these decadent designs.
The full, lush detail and unexpected hidden elements found in the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526-1593) is reflected in the wealth of original artwork produced in oil pastels by our in-house design studio. Unexpected scuttling beetles and dancing bees are hidden throughout the tapestry of rich harvest feasts.

Pêche Nouveau
Prints: Moonlight, Peach Nouveau, Peach Porter, Orchard, Fruitful, Bordeaux
A traditional collection dripping in peaches and pears, this is a showcase of archival inspired design. Luscious, tempting fruits indicative of the female form and celebrating nature and sensuality are juxtaposed against the more formal and regimented symmetry of typical Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau structure.
In a dynamic and fresh direction, the unruly and tempting take that artists such as Josef Frank have on the garden was an inspirational starting point. Unstructured and wild in nature, the subject matter of pears and peaches conversely adds formality and traditional sentimentality against the sensuality of the free growing chaos of the garden.

Oh So Sweet
Prints: High Tea, Sugar Rush, Queen Bee, Buzz Blossom
A celebration of all things sweet! Jellies, pineapple cakes, sponges and tumbling plates of cherries and strawberries take centre stage to create a collection of illustrative, icing sugar dusted, deliciously decadent treats.
The magical formation and movement of honeycomb, the pure ingredient that is the basis of the feast, and the hive of bees that busily create it, become the inspiration behind these sweet delights. Opulent and intricate or fluttering and free, this is a festival of sugar in all its forms.

Blue Speckled Hen
Prints: Ebru, Alba
When the abundance of the feast is over, the process of decay takes hold and transforms the rich, gleaming fruits and vegetables into a new form of beauty.
Natural, beautiful spots of decay create a marble like texture, swirling and minute. Taking inspiration from the sensitivity and richness of Venetian traditional marbling, patterns were created with a less formal and more floral feel; modern, lacy and beautiful.

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