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Not all beauty products are made equal and, with the addition of one of a handful of hard-working ingredients, you can take your regime from simple to SUPER. Naturally derivative and highly effective, we showcase the uber-ingredients that are more than worth their salt.

CharcoalFirst up, nature’s toxin magnet. Detoxifying charcoal attracts and absorbs impurities on contact, yet cannot be absorbed by the body, so stubborn toxins are flushed away with it. Extra points if it’s ‘activated’, i.e. heat-treated to increase its surface area and, in turn power of absorption. Look to charcoal to regulate oilier complexions; it soaks up sebum, exfoliates and prevents breakouts by clearing and tightening pores.

TIP: Extended contact super-charges the effects: try a masque or tooth polish for maximum results.

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AloeThere’s more to aloe than sunburn relief. This soothing anti-inflammatory doubles as a protective antibacterial by forming a barrier against aggravators that can inflame acne, psoriasis or eczema. Sebum production is reduced, banishing shine, while cell turnover is accelerated and moisture is locked in, leaving smooth, hydrated skin. What’s more, aloe packs a cocktail of antioxidants and boosts collagen production, making it a key player in natural anti-ageing.

TIP: Try aloe to minimise stretch marks: it heals from within and improves elasticity for visible results.

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Vitamin CWe all know vitamin C can transform your diet but have you tried adding it to your beauty regime? A potent antioxidant, this natural miracle can reverse sun damage by neutralising free radicals and evening out irregular pigmentation. This, combined with a boost to collagen production, effectively combats the signs of ageing; choose a vitamin C-enriched cream or serum for a brighter, tighter complexion with greater elasticity.

TIP: Look for vitamin C under its chemical names, ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

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Hyaluronic AcidThe latest beauty buzzword to get behind, hyaluronic acid delivers a skin boosting moisture-shot for intense hydration that lasts. This super-molecule holds humectant properties, pulling water from the environment to retain skin’s moisture levels and ensure a smooth, dewy complexion. Not just a hydrator, hyaluronic acid works as a fast-acting solution against visible signs of ageing, leaving skin plumped and firmed with fine lines erased.

TIP: Use it post-cleansing, pre-moisturiser, to lock in moisture and create a smooth base for makeup

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