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Loyalty Connected Terms and Conditions

  1. Loyalty Connected allows you to use any linked credit or debit card to collect Liberty Collective points when shopping in the Liberty store, as an alternative to using your Liberty Collective card.
  2. A Liberty Collective online account is required to register for this service. You can sign up for a new Liberty Collective online account, or link an existing in-store registered Liberty Collective account (using the same account email address), via
  3. You can register for this service by selecting the ‘Loyalty Connected’ option within your online account, and providing the card details of the card(s) you wish to be linked to your Liberty Collective account (a “Linked Card”). By registering for this service, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  4. Any physical credit or debit card can be registered for this service. The Loyalty Connected service is not currently compatible with Apple Pay or Android Pay.
  5. To use a Linked Card to collect points, you will need to tap your Linked Card on the Loyalty Connected reader at the point of purchase in the store.
  6. Liberty Retail Limited is the data controller in respect of any personal data that is provided by you in relation to the Loyalty Connected service. Any such personal data will be processed in accordance with Liberty’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here
  7. Your participation in Liberty Collective Loyalty Programme, and the accumulation of any loyalty points through the use of a Linked Card, is subject to Liberty Collective terms and conditions, which are available here
  8. Liberty reserves the right to withdraw the Loyalty Connected service at any time, without notice to you.
  9. If at any time you would like to de-register from the Loyalty Connected service, and/or de-link any Linked Cards from your Liberty Collective account, you can do so from your online account on

What is Loyalty Connected?

Loyalty Connected is a technology enabled solution which allows you to connect your Liberty Collective account with any payment card which allows you to earn points with every transaction without ever having to carry your loyalty card.

What are the advantages?

  1. Earn more points, more of the time - Loyalty Connected makes it easy for you to earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards, as you only need to present your payment card at the till.
  2. Reduced clutter in your wallet – as you no longer need to carry your loyalty card
  3. No need to keep receipts to claim points if you forgot your loyalty card.
  4. Faster checkout times – as you just need your payment card when purchasing, the checkout process is quicker and more convenient for you.
  5. Helps the environment – by reducing Liberty’s carbon footprint, saving us on plastic card production and direct mail sending.

How does it work?

1. Enrol

  • Access in the Loyalty Connected section of your Liberty Collective account online and connect payment card(s)

2. Tap

  • In-store - tap, enrolled payment card on the card reader to receive loyalty points

3. Pay

  • In-store - tap or insert payment card at the payment terminal to complete the purchase

4. Rewards

  • Access your Liberty Collective account online and view your transaction details, points earned and rewards offered

Which payment cards can I connect?

You can connect any payment card from any bank where the Visa, Mastercard, Amex or China Union Pay logo is present. This includes Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Corporate and Commercial Cards.

How do I connect my cards?

You can connect your cards via the Loyalty Connected section of your Liberty Collective account on the Liberty website. Once you’ve signed into your account, select the Loyalty Connected section from which you can see any already connected cards and add or remove more cards as needed.

Can I connect multiple cards?

Yes you can connect as many payment cards as you have including Visa, Mastercard, Amex and China Union Pay cards.

How does the technology work and what is the process for my points to be updated?

Once you have connected your payment card to your Liberty Collective account via the Liberty website you simply need to tap your payment card on the loyalty device and your long 16 digit card number is read and then encrypted using Mastercard’s proprietary’s tokenisation technology. Once payment is made your points will be updated in your Liberty Collective account in the normal way.

Why is there a separate device at the till?

So that we can offer you the chance to connect any payment card, the solution sits outside of the payment system but uses the same security encryption technology as if you were making a payment. This means the Loyalty Connected card reader is only responsible for getting your Liberty Collective account details once connected.

Why do I need to present my payment card twice?

The first tap of your card is simply to enable us to identify you by capturing your Liberty Collective account details which you have connected to your payment card. The second tap is for payment which happens as it normally would on the separate payment device.

What if my card is not contactless enabled?

You can also insert or swipe your card on the card reader.

What if there is an issue when presenting my card at the till?

Staff have been specially trained to handle any on the spot issues. Otherwise, you can contact

Can I use my mobile phone device for the loyalty tap, like when making a payment?

You can only use your physical payment card at the moment for your loyalty transaction but you can still pay with Apple Pay and Android Pay where accepted.  We intend to launch mobile devices soon.

Why is my card not being recognised when tapping to collect points?

Usually this is because the card is not enrolled, go to the Loyalty Connected section of your Liberty Collective account to enrol your payment card. Your card might not also be recognised because you are in receipt of a new unused payment card. You should activate it first as per your bank instructions before trying to tap.

Will I be rewarded in the same way and how I redeem my points as I am today?

Yes, all points and rewards will be automatically updated to your Liberty Collective account in the normal way they are today.

How safe is it and is it PCI compliant?

Yes, the solution is completely safe and secure and PCI compliant, using the latest security protocols and encryption technology by Mastercard.

Who do I contact in the event something goes wrong?

Please contact the Liberty Customer Services team on +44 (0)20 3893 3062

My connected payment card is expired, how do I update my new card and remain connected?

Simply connect your new payment card to your Liberty Collective account in our mobile app or website.

How do I disconnect my cards?

This is managed via the Loyalty Connected section of your Loyalty account on the Liberty website where you can add more payment cards and remove old payment cards.

Can I leave the programme?

You can leave the programme at any time. This is managed via the Loyalty Connected section of your Loyalty account on the Liberty website. Opting-out of the service automatically removes all of your data from Mastercard servers.

How can I provide feedback on this service?

A feedback survey will be provided to those who enrol in the service

Who do I contact for support?

Please email