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Gender Pay Gap

We are Liberty London: a business driven by discovery and innovation, powered by a diverse workforce. We therefore welcome the government’s drive to address the gender pay gap in order to help make work fair and inclusive for all, regardless of background or gender.

We are pleased to report that our gender pay gap numbers point to a lower than national average mean and median gender pay gap across our business. It is important to note that these figures do not reflect our equal pay situation. When we compare gender pay within the same role, the gender pay gap that we see is negligible. In common with many in the retail industry with a focus on fashion and beauty, around 72.4% of employees in our lower quartile are female and are based in our flagship store where we have a variety of contracts on offer that provide work/life flexibility. Across our senior roles within Head Office, Liberty Fabrics and Liberty London, the current make up reflects an almost equal split between male (51%) and female (49%) employees.

We understand there is always room for improvement and renew our commitment to helping all our employees, regardless of background or gender, reach their full potential. We are confident that Liberty London continues to be an employer that provides employees the space, opportunity and encouragement to be themselves completely and to participate in meaningful work.

Our gender Pay Gap Numbers are:


  1. Mean gender pay gap of 15.3% in favour of male employees
  2. Median gender pay gap of 8.1% in favour of male employees


  1. Mean bonus pay gap of 31.3% in favour of male employees
  2. Median bonus pay gap of 4.4% in favour of male employees
  3. 31.1% of male employees and 31.7% of female employees receive bonuses


  1. Liberty has 72.4% female and 27.6% male employees in its lowest pay quartile; 67% female and 33% male employees in its second lowest pay quartile; 65.7% female and 34.3% male employees in its second highest pay quartile; and 53.3% female and 46.7% male employees in its highest pay quartile.