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Make A Bow Tie

Follow our step-by-step guide and make your own Liberty print bow tie

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You will need: fabric (we've used Queue for the Zoo), iron-on interfacing in a medium weight, thread, all your normal sewing kit and a bow tie template, download one here

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Cut out your template pieces. Place each piece end to end against your folded fabric edge and cut out as one long shape. Repeat this process so you have two identical pieces.

Step 1

Cut two pieces from the interfacing, working in the same way by placing the end of the template on the folded fabric edge. You should now have four pieces in total. Iron your interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric pieces.

Step 2

Using tailor's chalk, a pencil or erasable fabric pen, draw a line for the quarter inch seam allowance. You can either do this by using a tape measure or you can trace around the inner part of the template. You will now have two pieces ready to sew together to make your bow tie; line up and pin both pieces together with the right sides facing.

Step 3

Starting in the centre of the bow tie, begin stitching along your drawn line. Leave a 7cm (approx.) gap on one edge in the centre, this is where you will turn your bow tie right way out.

Step 4

Clip the corner points of the bow tie. This will reduce the amount of bulk material when you are turning it out. Snip small notches along the curved edges of the bow tie shape, this will help when pressing.

Step 5

Now for the fiddly part: use a knitting needle or something pointy to tease the fabric the right way through the gap you left in the middle. Make sure all your corners are pushed out fully, then close the gap by machine or hand-stitching.

Step 6

Iron with a slightly damp tea towel for an extra-crisp finish and your bow tie is ready to wear. All that's left is to learn how to tie it. . .

Step 7
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