See the magical hot air balloon touching down in our central atrium

The Liberty Christmas Story

Behind the Balloon!

See the magical hot air balloon touching down in our central atrium

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The Liberty Christmas Story tells the tale of the carved animals from the panels and pillars of our iconic building, who come alive at night to cause mischief throughout the store. Our Visual Concept Team interpreted this with a magnificent hot air balloon, suspended from the central atrium - festooned with twinkling lights and illustrated creatures. Visual Concept Manager, Lisa Clemenger, reveals what went on behind the scenes…

The balloon was inspired by the playful mischief of the animals that are running amok in-store at night. Having layered the rooms with playful illustrations depicting their secret lives, the balloon is the escape route through the glass ceiling, up on to the roof to play with the stars…

The creative concept team wanted to create a beautiful moment that framed the magical architecture of the building. The animals’ adventure needed a vessel where they could play, so our thoughts turned to a hot air balloon.

There is nothing more playful than the vison of a giant floating balloon; we worked with a bespoke UK-based company to realise our ideas and so the magic Liberty Christmas Story was launched.

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