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Maria Tash Ear Piercing Guide

Maria Tash’s expert team share their guide to fashion-forward ear anatomy

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If you can’t make it to the Maria Tash studio for an in-person consultation, expert piercer Kevin Lamb’s one-stop guide is the next best thing. He’s cast a critical eye over the ear-piercing trends to know, giving you a ready-made cheat sheet.

Earlobe/Daith PiercingWhether it’s a singular discreet and traditional stud or an earlobe curation, be adventurous and embrace mixed metals and stones for a truly modern take on the lobe. The daith is a unique piercing that has become hugely popular over the past few years - many like to wear rings here; any of our horizontal-facing clickers work exceptionally well in this placement.

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Tash Rook PiercingThis is a unique piercing that Maria Tash personally designed, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in New York. Sitting snugly just between the rook and the outer conch it gives the appearance of a floating piercing and is suited to any of our Tash threads.

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Conch PiercingThis is my favourite part of the ear to pierce, with conch piercings you can always fit two or three in there as long as your wear the correct size jewellery. Wearing hoops has become a massive trend over the past year or so and it looks set to continue. The invisibly set diamond eternity ring in a perfectly-pierced conch is trail-blazing and can be curated alongside multiple piercings or left on its own for maximum impact.

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Helix/Tragus PiercingThis is another unique placement that has gained popularity over the last few years, driven in part by piercing trends and social media. Whilst no longer unusual, it doesn’t take away from how much fun they can be with the correct jewellery, I’d always suggest going for a Tash thread to start with especially if you’re going for the multiple look for healing and aesthetic purposes.

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Helix/Tragus PiercingFor those who want to whet their appetite in cartilage piercing, then this is a good place to get started. The Helix runs all the way around the rim and can be pierced multiple times and edited with many different types of jewellery. Personal favourites to install into the helix are the white diamond five row pavé and the 3mm blue diamond set on 18ct gold scalloped edge Tash thread. The tragus is a discreet part of your ear that can be beautifully and minimally decorated, some of our favourites include the opal and diamond tiara with labradorite backing or you could wear a delicate princess clicker.

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