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Laura Jackson

The fast-moving multi-tasker lays her speedy morning routine bare

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Some thrive on early rises, filling their waking hours with sunrise yoga, an indulgent beauty regime, or a languorous breakfast. Not so for Laura Jackson, who saves every last second for stolen moments of shut-eye, tearing herself out of bed with only 20 minutes to spare. Though time is short, Jackson has fast-moving mornings down to a tee, adopting a minimal - yet effective - approach to skin care and makeup that still allows for an essential cup of tea.

I can't function without a cup of tea. As soon as I get up I put the kettle on. I always have a cup of tea before I leave the house, even if it means I'm brushing my teeth at the same time.

When I was growing up, I was never bothered about beauty - I still don't always take my makeup off before I go to bed. But owning a house and having a space to have a regime is really quite amazing. Now I've got my bathroom, I like to have all my stuff laid out.

Getting ready takes 20 minutes max. I really like being asleep, so I'll wait until the last minute before getting up. If I know I've got to go somewhere, I'll think about my outfit the night before and make sure my hair's clean to save time.

I don't wear a lot of makeup or have a complex routine where I wash my face 12 times. I'm not that kind of girl. I just literally put tinted moisturiser and mascara on, make sure my eyebrows are alright and then put my shoes on.

I change up my skin care quite a lot because my skin is combination. At the moment, I've got spots on my cheeks because of the weather. I like to mix things up. I'm the sort of person who will go to a beauty counter and say, 'I'm looking for this' and they'll say, 'Oh you've got to try…' and I'll buy it - I'm such a sucker.

I really like getting in the shower and taking my makeup off, applying moisturiser and putting my night cream on before I go to bed.

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