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With Stelios Hawa

As his vintage jewellery lands online, our resident expert reveals the tricks of the trade

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Vintage jewellery holds a certain allure, each piece layered with stories from decades past. What’s more, as we enter a new dawn for sustainability, we’re seeing a palatable shift from fast fashion to reclaimed and heirloom pieces. Enter Stelios Hawa of Designer Vintage, who has fuelled our eclectic in-store offering of vintage fashion and accessories for many years. As he brings an exclusive edit of highly coveted vintage jewellery online, Hawa sheds some light on his expertly curated collection, which includes collectable pieces from the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy and more.

What drew you to vintage jewellery?Chanel and her early execution of faux bijoux, which opened a whole new view point on jewellery, which continues to this day.

How have you honed your eye?Through the years of experience and understanding the customer’s constant quest for the alternative.

In terms of jewellery, do you have a favourite era?1920s.

We’ve seen a rise in popularity for vintage pieces of late, why do you think this is?When vintage pieces are combined with current trends, this creates a more individual statement, thus creating a bigger demand.

What are your top tips for buying vintage jewellery?Condition is prime, with a natural patina, depending on period.

Why would you encourage people to buy vintage, rather than new?Because a vintage item evokes a certain mood, which in turn creates a more distinguish look.

How do you go about curating your Liberty collections?I curate the collection very much around the mood of the moment. I have been buying vintage items for Liberty for the past 14 years and have acquired and developed a close understanding of the eclectic taste that our Liberty customers have.

Are there any trends you’re loving at the moment?I do love the current trend for ‘70s pieces but jewellery is about personal expression, and this can vary from client to client.

Do you have any top tips on how to care for vintage jewellery?Always make sure that all items of jewellery are put away individually, especially earrings: never put both earrings in one pouch.

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