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Creative director Cristopher Nying talks finding integrity in non-conformity

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Sparking disorder within conservative spaces, Our Legacy co-founder, Cristopher Nying believes true freedom is found outside of time as we know it. And, by connecting with a youthful disruption that puts integrity first, he’s here to prove that perhaps the enfant terrible is onto something...

our legacy interview
On rules – and breaking them…

“As a child I guess you love rules – it gives you evidence that you’re achieving something,” states Our Legacy co-founder and creative director, Cristopher Nying. But, so it turns out, things change. Now, with fatherhood upon him, his label, Our Legacy, conceived with Jockum Hallin and Richardos Kláren, is pinned on providing a cultural inheritance for the next generation. Nying places the drive to escape convention as, rather simply, “a friendly anarchy; not being affected by past rules or establishments, not following our time system to ‘get old’ in the wrong way.”

“As a child I guess you love rules – it gives you evidence that you’re achieving something”

our legacy interview
On the Swedish influence…

For all its reputation in global design, Stockholm is a centre of creativity connected as much to uniformity as creation. Breaking boundaries is often secondary to aspirations for desirability and functionality, yet since the beginning, Nying has sought the opposite. He suggests, “Like humanity, things need time and process to change their DNA”. Luckily, their move was a discerning one, and his thematic exploration and entirely custom textiles set Our Legacy apart in an age when Swedish fashion’s impact sat largely within a singular view of minimalist lines and muted palettes.

On finding his place…

By his own definition, Nying recognises creativity as “freedom together with restriction, learning how to catch your impulse, philosophy”, capturing the working limitations that confine ingenuity in practice. It seems inextricably connected to his feeling “claustrophobic” and “misplaced” at a young age: “I was always waiting for something or someone outside myself, like something was going to happen, star-fall in daylight”. Yet now, his means of creation offers a diversion – for himself, his partners and Our Legacy’s followers – from the ingrained conventions of a commercial world.

“I was always waiting for something or someone outside myself, like something was going to happen, star-fall in daylight”

our legacy interview
On the spirit of rebellion…

“As a father”, Nying confesses an affinity for defiance, finding inspiration in, “children, their honesty, in their presence and brutalism”. For the label, this same rebellious spirit is translated through its core team. He describes how, “The people around us within the company create this, it’s all about people and their personal values, adapting that”.

On elevating anarchy…

Our Legacy’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, Chambre Séparée, takes shape as a particularly bourgeois brand of disorder: luxury subverted to the point of deliberate degradation. The clothes signifying a visual deconstruction of conservative tropes, the void between the tradition and conformity of the past and the radical future widens: “Since we have access to everything, the younger generation will have totally new eyes.” With time on his side and a mission “only to ‘get elder’ together with the youth”, it looks like theirs is a legacy that’s on the right track.

our legacy interview
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