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PAQ's Danny Lomas sounds out three music-inspired looks

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Menswear has long hinted at the style codes of musical subcultures - PAQ's Danny Lomas explores those that have left a stamp on his style.

"Music influences my personal style heavily; it's very mod, skinhead and '80s-casual influenced - basically anything old school English!"

Track 1
Menswear: Off the Record

"Mods were stereotypically seen in suits and parkas but this look is swaying more towards the French Riviera/Italian relaxed cool side with the layered knitwear. I imagine wearing this to the coffee shop, while a soft Italian soundtrack plays in the background - bliss."

Menswear: Off the Record
Track 2
Menswear: Off the Record

"This is based on the '90s-casual scene which was sound tracked by Britpop - so the likes of Blur, Oasis, Seahorses and the Verve (to name a few). I can see this look on the terraces, pint in hand watching the football."

Menswear: Off the Record
Track 3
Menswear: Off the Record

"A modern/high fashion interpretation of 'mongrel' fashion... basically a mismatched combination of skinheads and suedeheads with a touch of punk. Although you can't pinpoint a specific music genre, you could argue that it can be anything from the Smiths to the Cure. Maybe indie/alt rock. Let's go with that."

Menswear: Off the Record
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