The AW17 Fashion Roundup

Our menswear buyer reveals the in-store exclusive brands and trends to buy into this season

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Continuing our founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty’s mission to make Liberty London a standard bearer for an eclectic and progressive aesthetic, this year has been one of major reinvention - including the complete refurbishment of our menswear department on LG. With a newly renovated interior, the main draw is a refocused designer edit, which sees the launch of over 20 new brands and a fresh take on classic Liberty favourites. Credit goes to an all-new menswear buying team, headed up by Laura Robertshaw. To give you a taste of what awaits exclusively in-store, here Robetshaw highlights her key brands and only-at-Liberty buys, as well as shining a light on the standout trends of the season.


Japanese Denim

When it comes to reverence for denim, Japan has long reigned supreme. This season Liberty London are producing a portfolio of virtuoso Japanese denim who take this work wear staple to new levels of considered sophistication. Patchwork specialist FDMTL, as well as Fabric-Brand & Co. and KAPITAL are amongst the labels who find a new home in our edit of Japanese denim heaven.

“When trends shift and denim isn't on everyone's lips, it can become low priority for the customer. I really wanted to keep the room fresh, so cherry picked some of my favourite Japanese denim brands to ignite some inspiration in the department. Our commitment with the denim room is to always house something new and exciting for the liberty man which cannot be found in neighbouring bricks and mortar stores.”

Daniel W Fletcher

Back in the distant mists of June 2016, the young British designer Daniel Fletcher attracted attention for showing his collection of luxurious sportswear as an anti-Brexit demonstration outside London Men’s Fashion Week. He is as sure of aesthetic as he is of his politics, and this season Liberty London is delighted to inaugurate Fletcher as a member of our parliament of menswear.

“Daniel W. Fletcher is a young designer that has not only greatly excited myself, but the menswear world as a whole and I wanted to offer him a rightful home in London at Liberty.”

Helmut Lang

The story of menswear history is incomplete without a chapter - or maybe two - dedicated to Helmut Lang. A fiercely invented modernist who helped set the template for 21st Century style in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, Lang’s contribution to what we wear now can sometimes be taken for granted. No longer: this archive reissue for Autumn/Winter 2017 takes us back to a then that did so much to define menswear now.

“When Helmut Lang realigned their collection with their archival offerings that so greatly influenced the modern man's wardrobe, I knew I had to bring it back to Liberty London. Seeing the brand return to the very pieces that have become the Holy Grail of menswear, meant Helmut Lang was at the top of my list for Autumn/Winter 2017.”


Earthy Tones

The Autumn/Winter 2017 season sees a rich spectrum of organic colour. Mustard, yolk, ochre, olive, khaki, russet, rose cinnamon, and a symphony of supportive browns all play their part in a country palette expressed in modernist fashion.

"Autumnal tones were prevalent throughout many of the best show rooms this season. Leafy greens and rust-like orange made a strong impact across a host of menswear staples, so it's no coincidence these are historical Liberty favourites"


Shearling is less a trend than a staple. What changes is the angle at which menswear’s finest designers approach this ubiquitous but precious material. There will always be the classics, but alongside these come updates of the canon. It’s a good season for a new jacket - but less good if you’re a sheep.

"An Autumn/Winter stalwart redesigned each year to keep it fresh. Whether it's teamed with denim on a Western jacket, on the collar of a military influenced coat or in the lining an of something really special from Acne, the shearling appears time and time again, and looks all the better for it."

Progressive puffer

What began in the 1950s as a wearable duvet for mountaineers has, in 2017, morphed into one of the most expressive categories in menswear: the progressive puffer

"90s trends that we'd all forgotten about (or at least tried to forget about) have come back in a big way. None more so - both figuratively and literally - than the puffer. Seen as showpieces in the most hyped collections, these statement jackets will bring a nostalgic tear to your eye."

Graphic Redesign

Unfiltered, a worn logo is a gesture of acquiescence: the individual bearing the mark of the corporate. But re-metabolise the logo - make it strange - and it becomes a far harder to read as a statement of taste. It’s subversion of script that’s ricocheting through menswear.

"Logos were everywhere. Brash, bold and screaming for attention, the tongue in cheek offerings were the best in our eyes. One trend to wear with a heavy dose of irony."

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