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Working from Home

Your guide to creating a workable environment at home

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Times are changing and, for many of us, the traditional office environment has become a thing of the past. But, with a surge in those of us required to work from home, and the modern benefits that come with it, remote working still poses its challenges – even for the natural self-starters among us. Here are a few tips for how to manage and stay motivated when your sanctuary takes on a new role as workspace.

1/ Feed Your Senses
Creating a pleasant environment for long days at your laptop could be as simple as the right home fragrance. Unobtrusive aromas are best, so light up a scented candle or try an ambient diffuser.
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2/ Get Moving!
Staying active is essential for an active mind. Whether it’s yoga, pilates or simple stretching exercises, put aside an hour to follow an online tutorial, or take a daily walk for a much-needed fresh air break.
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3/ Filed & Noted
Most of our homes are brimming with distractions, so find a dedicated workspace – ideally, one that isn’t your bed and faces towards a window. Equipped with some organisational tools, your mind will soon follow suit.
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4/ Wardrobe Maths
Home working isn’t a free pass to let yourself go. Taking time to get dressed in the morning will help you ease into a professional mindset; choose comfortable, put-together staples and save the sweatpants for Sunday.
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5/ Daily Maintenance
Being freed up from the morning commute gives you a welcome opportunity to work harder at your skin care regime. Try masking over breakfast or pair your first caffeine fix with some facial massage time.
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