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Back in September, we launched a mission to seek out the country’s best untapped creative talent, offering artists and designers a chance to have their unique artwork immortalised in iconic Liberty Fabric. With your help, we chose four exceptional winners - who have since developed their work alongside the Liberty design team. Available in multiple colourways across our bestselling bases, it’s finally time to make the finished fabrics your own.

Catherine Rowe,
Palace Gardens

“My initial idea was to design something with an exotic theme, based on Liberty's beginnings and its founder bringing luxurious goods home to London from distant lands. However, it felt a lot more instinctual to indulge in the brand's British heritage as well as my own background - sketching richly-coloured fruits and foliage celebrating our expertise in and love of gardening. I imagine the view from a high window of a luxurious English Palace, the sill lined with these precious figurines looking out to a vibrant and full garden containing of all these sumptuous elements on a hazy summer's day.”

Emma Hill,
Graffiti Summer

“This picture has taken me on a journey, more so than many others. The multiple layers painted over and over, and some scrubbed away, have given me great pleasure and delight - but also pain and awkwardness. I feel that these highs and lows and uncertainties have created a certain depth within the painting. It has its own story within and I like that it has a raw expressive energy, while at the same time there are areas of delicate beauty, in colour and tiny detailing.”

Duncan Grant,
Small Town

“The artwork is ink on 300g acid free paper. One of an ongoing series of "smalltown" ink designs, born out of a doodling style I seem to have developed. Elements of childlike depictions of a colourful, slightly abstract, simplified world. Chimneys were ever present in my childhood, visible from everywhere around my hometown of Gravesend.”

Natasha Coverdale,
Midnight in Jupiter Garden

“Pearl Fern, Electric Poppies and Dragon Bells blossom and bloom under the many moons and dark helium sky. A botanical study of bold, wild florals found thriving within the secret centre of Jupiter. I wanted to create something that was completely fantastical, playful yet seductive. A print that, when applied to fabrics, would provide a way of immersing into another world of bright, strange and magnificent plants - an escape from reality to a faraway place.”

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