Liberty Fabrics SS19

English Creatives

Celebrate the creative legacy of seven generation-spanning muses, in a variety of vibrant prints

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The Prince Regent

Mini Pavilion / Pavilion / Brighton Blossom / Palampore / Jannah / Ballroom Leaves / Pagoda / Floral Waltz / Prosperity / Diamas / Enamour / Palm Paisley / Flora Belle / Cubi / Bamboo Bay / Prince Regent / Mendhi

The collection begins by paying homage to George IV's opulent seaside retreat, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Motivated by its magnificent Eastern-inspired interiors, this theme offers a dazzling smorgasbord of print inspirations.

Ballroom Leaves is inspired by the Pavilion's block-printed chinoiserie wallpaper, while Bamboo Bay reflects the trompe l'oeil effects of its intricate fretwork. Archival geometrics such as Enamour, Cubi and Prosperity reflect a range of architectural details, from mosaics and scalloped cornicing to Moorish tiling.

The Children's Book Author

Fizz Pop / Imagination / Dream Maker / Dapper Dogs / Rohan

The children's book author transports his readers into a world of marvellous magic, where nothing is ever quite as it seems. These prints are fizzing with vibrancy and creativity, embodying a child's exploration of weird and wonderful imaginary worlds.

Fizz Pop and Imagination were both formed in the studio from collaged painted paper, bursting with dynamic energy. Dream Maker is a soft colour washed take on magical factory machinery, while Dapper Dogs was created as a commission by the artist and friend of Liberty, OK David.

The Contemporary Artist

California Bloom / Celia / Studio / Scribble / Yorkshire Rose / LA Daisy / Best in Show / Santa Monica / Yorkshire Rose Small

The contemporary artist splits his time transatlantically, drawing equal inspiration from the sun-kissed blue swimming pools of L.A. and the rambling gardens of Yorkshire.

These prints take a painterly approach, inspired by his masterful and yet dreamy treatment of colour and form. Celia offers a cross-hatched twist on a classic archival Liberty floral, while both Studio and Scribble evoke the organised chaos of the artist's workshop.

The Poet Gardener

White Garden / Spring Orchard / Vita / Virginia Meadow / Devon Dance / A Castle Garden / Chamomile Lawn / Chamomile / Devonshire / Devonshire / Orlando

The aristocratic poet and novelist is mostly remembered for her unconventional lifestyle and association with the Bloomsbury set - but the Liberty Fabrics team drew inspiration from the design of her beautiful castle gardens at Sissinghurst.

White Garden and Spring Orchard were painted in the studio to evoke the flourishing abundance of these gardens. Virginia Meadow has a textural, camo-inspired feel, while both Vita and Chamomile Lawn are drawn from archival mid-century Liberty designs.

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