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A Palace Garden

Celebrate the Art Deco glamour of Eltham Palace in a rich array of vivid prints

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Inside the Palace

Prints: Decadent Bloom / Josephine / Graceful / Morris Butterfly / Spotlight / Pantages / Buchanan / Twilight / Jewel / Peacock Parade

The collection centres around a palette of rich jewel tones to reflect the opulent style of Eltham Palace, drawing inspiration from its striking Art Deco décor.

Geometric designs like Spotlight, Twilight and Pantages are sketched from life from the palace’s detailed architectural elements, while Peacock Parade, Josephine and Decadent Blooms reflect its interior’s ultra-luxe hand-painted florals and gilt accents.

The Garden Rooms

Prints: Gatsby Garden / Gatsby Garden Small / Mono Gatsby / Buttercup / Little Marquess / Hope Springs / Wysteria / Deco Rose / Fuschia Drop / Full Bloom / Bella / Faria Flowers Small / Chester Row / Ava / Daisy Daisy / Speckled Rose

Eltham Palace’s outside spaces are as extravagant as its interiors. Structured like a set of rooms, some parts of the garden are structured and regimented, while others are wild and meadowy. This is reflected in the wide range of prints, from sweetly ornamental Speckled Rose to lush and untamed Faria Flowers Small.

The team pored over an array of archival flower designs, building them into different stories for each area. Look out for Gatsby Garden – this hero print draws inspiration from the works of French Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy, and was originally hand-painted with gouache in the studio for the collection.

Far & Away

Prints: Far Away Paisley / Tree Tops / Jay Cat / Ocelot / Elegance / Lost In Leaves / Lee Manor

Paisleys like Lee Manor and Far Away Paisley were drawn in an Eastern-inspired style, offering a nod to the Courtaulds’ penchant for travel. Far Away Paisley features an unusual combination of paisley and palm tree motifs, combined into an ornate yet modern layout.

Eccentric animals run throughout the collection. Tree Tops (an original hand-painted design created for A Palace Garden) features a troupe of lively monkeys, juggling fruit and swinging across branches. Jay Cat is an Art Deco-style interlocking leaf print – look closer and you might spot a lemur scampering through the undergrowth.

The Palace Party

Prints: Miles / Falling Feather / Ribbon Bloom / Whispering Stars / Deco Wings / Paisley Feather / Clover Cascade / Dancing Butterfly / Lawn Party

The Palace Party theme draws inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Our Miles print encapsulates the collection’s fun-loving musical spirit, while Falling Feather and Paisley Feather resemble the twirling of feather boas on the necks of dancing party guests.

Keep an eye out for Whispering Stars, an otherworldly and celestial 1930s design, and Dancing Butterfly, a brand new design painted for the collection and repeated into a masculine-edged camouflage.

Travelling From The Palace

Prints: Voyage / Roaring Wheels / Camo Flower / Autumn Trip / Floral Jazz / Sun Gleam / Luna Meadow / Windswept / Little Leaf / Flying Start

This section of the collection reflects the world exploration and adventure of the 1930s – look for boats in Voyage, motorcars in Roaring Wheels and aeroplanes in Flying Start.

Camo Flower is an ultra-contemporary silhouette design featuring a layout of outlined iris flowers. It was drawn from simple repeat markings on the edge of an archival painting, reimagined by the Liberty designers into a fresh, subtle floral camouflage repeat.

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