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Meet the earth-conscious kids’ brands striving towards a sustainable future
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Future Fashion: Ethical Kids' Brands

Meet the earth-conscious kids’ brands striving towards a sustainable future
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Ethical Kids' Brands
Future Fashion

Ethical Kids' Brands

Meet the earth-conscious kids’ brands striving towards a sustainable future

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Something is stirring in the world of childrenswear – and fortunately, this something has the planet on its side. As fashion gains a conscience, so does its miniature counterpart, with the realities of fast-growing little ones and the disposable nature of kids’ toys and clothing becoming all too apparent. Now the industry is taking notice, proven by a palpable shift towards sustainable fabrics and mindful production that’s far more than just a trend. To get to the root of the movement, we talk to the earth-friendly labels making ethical products for kids cool.

Mini Rodini

“When my first son was born, I couldn’t find inspiring or fun clothes for him. I wanted something else and decided to do it myself, without compromising on sustainability. I don’t want to compromise with ethics.”

“For me, making kids’ clothes without compromising on social and environmental aspects of the production is super important and part of the Mini Rodini’s DNA. Our collection is made from 100% sustainable materials and me and my team have worked hard for this. We also put a lot of work into rigid controls of chemical use and tracking.”

“We as consumers have to be more aware! It’s not enough to only buy organic cotton – if it’s not certified, it could mean the cotton is organic, but could still have hazardous chemicals in the production. And we should start buying other fibres, it is dangerous for our eco systems to produce so much of one kind of crop, Tencel and linen are great alternatives to cotton.”

1+ in the Family

“When we talk about sustainability, we like to talk about it with a lot of humility because we consider that as a brand, we still have a lot to learn.”

“One of our purposes is to continue working hard to successfully integrate solutions for the environmental, economic and social problems of all our operations, both in production and commercial processes. Our goal when we talk about sustainability is to satisfy in the best way we know the present needs of the little ones, trying not to compromise the needs of their tomorrow.”

“Our pursuit of continuous improvement has gradually led us to replace conventional materials and introduce new sustainable ones to reduce the impact of our products on the planet and human health. For that reason, in our current collections, we already offer a wide range of sustainable fabrics and accessories.”

Mini Kyomo

“It’s a fact that we, as humans, are damaging the Earth and that our future does not look good - we can’t just close our eyes to that! We consider it a duty to be responsible for our environmental and social footprint. We also want non-toxic clothes and accessories for our children and for ourselves - we don’t want them to be the result of unfair wages, poor working conditions or environmental destruction.”

“The Mini Kyomo watch straps are made using OEKO-TEX and GRS certified ’simil-nylon’ yarn, made of 10% upcycled Marine Plastics (from plastic marine litter) and the remaining 90% is created from post-consumer PET from land sources.”

“For the future we are working with our suppliers network in order to reduce their carbon impact on packaging and materials.”


“BINIBAMBA is a snugly sustainable world for Binibabes that own their style! All our products are 100% natural, sustainable, and kind on the planet, and we pride ourselves on being a plastic free business. Caring for the planet and the future for our babies is at the heart BINIBAMBA...”

“This year will see us join ethical platform Sedex, helping to provide us with the extra support, resource and crucially the tools to continue our ethical journey as a brand. We continue to work hard to build a community that cares about the planet and by taking baby steps together we believe that we can bring positive change.”

“Closer to home and as a mum of two myself, I am in no way perfect, but I plan to consider where I buy and what I buy more than ever. Little changes make a big impact and the more we demand transparency and honesty from the brands we buy from the quicker change will come.”


“Since the beginning of Oli&Carol, our goal has always been to create a better and safer world to live in. We want to introduce our community into using safe, natural, plastic-free and sustainable products, that's why all our collections are made from 100% natural raw materials.”

“All our toys are handmade following an artisanal and sustainable process, from raw material sourcing to its creation and shipment.”

“It's never too early to start introducing ethical end eco-responsible values to the little ones, so they grow with these goals as their own, and so that every step they make goes towards a better world.”

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