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The Making of Insolite

Diptyque’s global communication director reveals all on the craft behind the new limited-edition candle

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One-time purveyor of eccentric objets, Diptyque is a brand that understands fine craft. Now, the Parisian fragrance house unveils a new limited-edition candle that explores its artistic roots, with William Morris as poster boy.

Art, Craft, Discovery: The Making of Insolite
Our own story and Diptyque’s have more in common than you might think...

With beginnings as the rive-gauche’s answer to Liberty, the boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain was one dedicated to printed textiles and eclectic objects, bringing a piece of the world to 1960s Paris. “Like the Diptyque of old, Liberty is one of the last great emporiums for innovative and eclectic design,” explains global communication director, Olivia Grimaux. “A rich heritage known for combining the cutting edge and avant-garde, makes each visit a voyage of discovery and excitement.”

The iconic fragrance house found its niche in candles…

Yet never left its past behind, and our histories became entwined with the creation of Insolite. “It is Liberty’s heritage of mixing and layering motifs alongside Diptyque’s historic passion for print that has culminated in this bespoke and stylish home scent,” says Grimaux. “Diptyque only collaborates with sensory friends. Those artists who animate our products by their creative and artistic spirit, but also by their imagination, embedded in the world of Diptyque.” Now, we drive the connection deeper with a new limited-edition of the collaborative candle, dressed in William Morris’ unmistakable Strawberry Thief.

A kindred spirit from another era, William Morris’ legacy has long been core to Diptyque...

“This pattern testifies to the aesthetic quest of Desmond Knox-Leet, a great admirer of personality and the work of the British artist,” says Grimaux. “William Morris is above all the artist who gave pride of place to craft. The Arts & Crafts movement praises the beauty of an object by the pleasure experienced in producing it, and Morris shared this celebration of craftmanship with the Diptyque founders.” While achieved through different means, their ethos is mutual: “Diptyque approaches many territories of artistic expression, and its creations are driven by creativity and inspiration. Seemingly simple, they are a sophisticated reinvention of nature. Fragrances are created like works of art.” It is this artistry and respect for nature that binds them with Morris, making the attraction to this particular print clearer still. “Just as William Morris, we give priority to craftsmanship,” Grimaux tells us. “Above all, the house's ambition is to offer fragrances with a distinctive signature, worked with very beautiful raw materials, whose production is confided to artisanal savoir-faire.”

The Insolite fragrance, specifically, seeks to embody a curiosity shop of inspirations…

It’s a multi-layered affair comprising citrus zest, spice and cool botanicals. Yet, the beauty is in the reveal: “The fragrance reveals itself to everyone in the same way, as a sculpture, a drawing, or a piece of music, a piece of writing, an author's work. Art and fragrance both deliver intimate emotions, souvenirs and reminiscences. The olfactive universe mixes the symphony of the senses and the artist’s palette, which praise rare and fine raw materials.” With scent as its artform and a history entrenched in craftsmanship, Diptyque’s latest is sure to set the world alight.

Art, Craft, Discovery: The Making of Insolite
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