Gabrielle Djanogly

The Tree of Liberty

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Far away, in the Age of Wonder, when the Moon was always full and snowflakes fell upwards, the All-Seeing Owl had a vision of a magical tree – a tree unlike any other, its roots entwined not in the earth, but floating in the air. Branches stretched out in a well of light, adorned by gifts and glistening with jewelled fruits.

Hurriedly, Owl flew to the Isle of Jeweltopia to relay his vision to the Admiral, a most noble peacock whose eye feathers glowed bright yellow, green and pink. Owl described the magical tree and urged his friend to seek it out with the aid of The Mayflower, a majestic ship adept to navigating both seas and skies.

The Admiral appointed his crew, a creature from each of the Unearthly Lands, and set The Mayflower’s course to ‘Where the Magic Happens’. Laden with provisions and offerings for an unknown adventure, a menagerie of multi-coloured, curious creatures hopped on board.

A prosperous wind carried them over the Islands of Much, Much More, through a never-ending star-storm and across the Great Gold Sea until they came to a long, winding river. The Mayflower slowed her sails before docking atop a vast white-and-black house with painted glass windows.

Bustling with anticipation everyone clambered onto the roof where they found a glass-panelled door. With a thump and a flutter, a bump and clatter, they tumbled through to a bright atrium. But there was no tree...

The creatures all looked to the Admiral in despair. Reassuringly he raised his beak and quivered his technicolour feathers – he understood their quest: their far-travelled bounty was the heart of a tree that would fill the magical house with gifts. The Admiral commanded his crew to release their offerings.

In a flurry of tails, claws, spines and paws, seeds were scattered and grains were sprinkled. Gourds, pomegranates and idleberries were bowled in every direction while Wishing Tree pips burst to life, darting through the air like fireflies.

Somewhere between a blink and a thousand years, the magical tree flourished, with silver speckled bark and fountains of pink blossom, bearing treats for every creature from any land.

This was the Tree of Liberty.

And once upon a dream, when the Many Moons align and the winds blow cold, the Tree of Liberty blooms. What gift will it grow for you?

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