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Matilda Goad

The creative consultant-cum-designer reveals her interior style secrets

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Matilda Goad is a new breed of creative, straddling fashion and interiors, styling and design to realise an eclectic aesthetic that teems with playful charm. With a slew of notable styling and interior projects to her name - including the much-Instagrammed wedding of Shrimps designer Hannah Weiland - Goad recently turned her attention to designing her own product line; a feel-good mix of scalloped raffia lampshades, jugs and pretty planters. As she unveils an exclusive collection of Liberty print lampshades and ceramic bases, we stopped by her Notting Hill flat to discover her unique sense of home style and top interior tips.

How did your product line come to fruition? I had been concepting and styling a lot of special projects and events and the aspect I always enjoyed the most was designing and commissioning bespoke products - whether it be beautiful ribbed candles in a hard-to-find colourway or linen napkins with a particular trim.

I found it so rewarding bringing my ideas to life in physical form and so started to sketch and mock up ideas for a unique take on the lampshade - my scalloped raffia version. The response was so incredibly positive and gave me the confidence to launch my product line in early 2017.

At Home With Matilda Goad
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Did you draw upon your previous experiences working in fashion and styling?I studied art at Camberwell before embarking on a career in fashion - with roles at Russian Vogue, Wonderland Magazine and assisting Venetia Scott. Hours spent leafing through magazine archives and sourcebooks and working with incredible clothes has certainly inspired my brand's aesthetic today. For example, an interesting seam or a collection's colour palette might help to inform a product's design.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Often, my products are the result of not being able to find what I am looking for however I find inspiration in all sorts of unexpected places.

Travel is a great source of inspiration and this summer my husband and I spent three weeks driving down the West Coast of America. I spent most of the time taking pictures since there were so many incredible colours, people and sights to take in.

What's your favourite part of the production process? It's so exciting when your initial vision finally, often after many months, arrives on the shop floor. I also love seeing MATILDA GOAD pieces in people's homes, often via Instagram!

"Bursting with texture and colour, nothing in my home is regarded as too precious - I want whoever sets foot to instantly feel at ease."

At Home With Matilda Goad
Photo: Charlotte Bland

Have you always had an interest in interiors? I've always been very creative - whether it be working in the fashion industry, styling spaces and events or working in a floral studio. I grew up with a mother who loved to decorate and I was forever moving my room around to create different 'looks'. I've certainly always had a deep-rooted love of interiors and how a space can be easily transformed with the addition of great accessories.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your own home? Eclectic! I like to mix styles and periods of furniture to add intrigue and take great pleasure in curating coffee table vignettes comprising books, holiday finds and flee market treasures. My home is often filled with prototypes as I like to live with a product for a while, before bringing to market. Bursting with texture and colour, nothing in my home is regarded as too precious - I want whoever sets foot to instantly feel at ease.

At Home With Matilda Goad
Photo: Charlotte Bland

Why did you choose to incorporate Liberty prints in your designs? Liberty print fabric plays such a prominent role in my nostalgic childhood memories, since my mother used to make children's smock dresses out of it - which I was always dressed in. I wanted to incorporate the iconic prints into what has become my signature scallop lampshade in a subtle way, and the result is a design that's as characterful as it is adaptable. The lining really pops when the light is on and I love that it's a surprising flash of pattern in the same way vintage handbags have silk linings or men's tailored coats have contrasting Melton under collars.

Can you share your top home styling tips? Buy and collect items you're instinctively drawn to, to create a layered interior filled only with things you love. Also, don't be afraid of colour and do hunt out unique furniture at flea markets and on ebay. It's often these pieces that you'll cherish for years.
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