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Unveiling an artistic interpretation of the California brand’s hero serum created with Lauren Harwell Godfrey
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vintners daughter exclusive vintners daughter exclusive

Holiday Edition: Vintner’s Daughter Exclusive

Unveiling an artistic interpretation of the California brand’s hero serum created with Lauren Harwell Godfrey
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Vintner’s Daughter Exclusive
Holiday Edition

Vintner’s Daughter Exclusive

Unveiling an artistic interpretation of the California brand’s hero serum created with Lauren Harwell Godfrey

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Vintner’s Daughter’s vine-powered serum has secured fans for a reason, and this holiday season marks an ultra-special take. Each year, founder April Gargiulo commissions a female artist to use her cult product as their canvas, and for 2020, it’s the turn of artist and jewellery designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey. Rebottled and inked in gold, the limited-edition Active Botanical Serum harmonises their shared values and inspirations. We talk to the pair for a closer look at this meeting of minds…

What encouraged you to collaborate?

April | Lauren and I have been friends for years and we always wanted to find a way to work together. This was the perfect opportunity. I was so excited to see how her designs would be interpreted on our bottle. The result is so much more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Why is this collaboration so important to you?

Lauren | To say I am a huge fan of Vintner’s Daughter and of April Gargiulo would be an understatement. I really admire April’s unrelenting pursuit of the highest possible quality. She never veers from that goal. To collaborate with her is to get a glimpse into her process and world which is so inspiring to me. Also, she’s a friend, so any chance to have more time with her is a no brainer!
April | Now more than ever we need beauty in our lives. Just this morning, I came across this quote from an unknown author and I believe it sums up my thoughts: “Beauty is what sustains us and heals us. Even a single bloom or the first rays of sunlight can flood you with hope for a better future ahead. When everything feels like it is too heavy or too much, look for that moment of beauty. It will help move us forward.”

What makes the Active Botanical Serum such a powerhouse?

April | Active Botanical Serum sets the bar for performance and quality in a face oil. It is why it has won 20+ awards around the world for “Best Face Oil” since it was released. At its heart is our proprietary Phyto Radiance Infusion that brings with it 60+ of the most skin beautifying nutrients in the most performance-driven ratios. Because Active Botanical Serum is made from whole plants, your skin recognises the nutritive structure of our formula as its own and is able to put it to work to deliver your most balanced, healthy and radiant skin.

What was your starting point for the artwork?

Lauren | I wanted to make sure it was a true representation of both of our brands. The Northern California wine country holds a lot of importance to both of us. April’s experience growing up in a winemaking family in Napa is the foundation of Vintner’s Daughter and I was living full time in Sonoma when this collaboration began. These beautiful valleys have had a major influence on my work, so I decided to focus the artwork on referencing that region but interpret it in my design language.

Tell us the meaning behind the design.

Lauren | The front of the bottle is meant to represent Gargiulo Vineyards which is on a beautiful hillside in the Napa Valley. There’s very little light pollution in the wine country so the night skies are always full of stars - I’ve seen shooting stars too. The Y shapes at the bottom holding up the label represent the vines and the long parallel lines throughout the design represent the linear planting of the vineyards. I included the peace sign and the heart because for both of us, our work is about so much more than the materials. It’s also about the values and community that are important to us.

Can you describe a bit more about the artistic process?

Lauren | I come from an art direction background, so I like to really think about what I am communicating. Once I landed on our shared love of Northern California Wine Country, I started playing with how it would translate on to the bottle. I thought a lot about making something beautiful that people would be excited to have out on their counters and wanted to make it detailed enough that it was interesting from all angles. We used 24K gold for the line art - it’s truly like a piece of jewellery!

How would you describe the Vintner’s Daughter/Harwell Godfrey ethos?

April | We are both from Northern California and use the rhythms of our natural surroundings for inspiration. We believe in craftsmanship and quality and the time it takes to make something that has true and timeless value.

You both draw on the power of natural resources – how did you learn?

Lauren | I will always be learning. The natural world is vast and ever changing and deserves our respect. What I know so far, I’ve learned from my own pursuit of information in books as well as generous, knowledgeable people who are willing to share what they know.

How has the Northern Bay area shaped your vision?

Lauren | The Bay Area is a very beautiful, outdoorsy, and casual place. It’s shaped my vision not only by exposing me to the intense beauty of the natural world, but also by inspiring me through the way in which we live here. Outdoorsy and fine jewellery don’t seem like the most natural combo, but much of my line consists of pieces you can wear every day. Stuff that you can dress up in, but importantly, dress down in. Living here for over almost 30 years has certainly made an impression.

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