October Beauty Campaign

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Get to know the Liberty London faces heading up our real beauty wardrobe

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In a world increasingly saturated by curated self-image and unrelatable beauty standards, the only way to get ‘real’ is to cast your gaze closer to home. So, this October, we’re turning our beauty focus inwards with a new campaign heroing some familiar Liberty London faces. Meet them here as they share their personal perceptions of beauty and the daily essentials that keep them in check.

“I loved working on this campaign as, for me, it shows exactly what London is: a strong capital full of beautiful people from all over the world who call London their home. I think being different or slightly off is what makes something beautiful. A crooked tooth, or a freckle in the wrong place or just a naughty glint in the eye.”

Zoe Taylor, Makeup Artist

Brand Consultant - Womenswear

“I don’t use any beauty products but I spend approximately 50% of my income on Diptyque products. All of them. Even if they brought out scented loo roll I’d be into it.”

“What do I see in the mirror? My reflection – sadly. I was a vampire for most of my life and I didn’t have a reflection which was really fun. I drank some holy water one time and now I’m not a vampire anymore, no matter how much blood I drink.”

Body Piercer - Maria Tash

“When I look in the mirror I see an individual with a look that's always evolving – I'm always experimenting with my hair, makeup and piercings. I love how your aesthetic can really change how you feel.”

“I’m hoping that having someone like me in the window will inspire people not to be afraid to experiment with makeup and not to worry about any unwritten rules.”

“I like wearing a full face of makeup as I'm a bit of a cult beauty follower. My skin care I try and keep as light as possible – I always start and end the day with a clean face using a mild cleanser and alcohol-free toner.”

Production Coordinator

“Until I started working here I used to wash my face with whatever shower gel I had in the shower. Then Liberty happened...!”

“I like my face, but I do wish I didn’t have as many imperfections as I do. Hopefully one day I feel confident enough to leave my house with no makeup.”

Business Manager - Le Labo

“I look but I never trust a mirror. It only shows you what is skin deep.”

“I’ve been longing for something different to happen, something so exciting and new it carries you along with it like a great tide – this is exactly how featuring in the window makes me feel.”


“The first thing I see when I look in the mirror is my big hair!”

“I think it's super cool having a starring role in the Liberty London windows”

Sales Executive/Stylist - Womenswear

“What does my beauty regime consist of? Enjoying my genetics!”

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