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January sun a distant memory? Here’s six ways to boost your mood in the beauty hall

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Words: Victoria Hall

The art of bathing
A long, warm soak in the bath is the perfect remedy for any post-holiday slump. Set the tone with Espa’s Restorative Candle, £24, and fill your bath with Peter Wilkin Organics Sooth and Relax Bath Salts, £24, to fully de-stress.

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Get your 40 winks
It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep can make everything feel better. Magnesium is the best sleep-inducing, stress-relieving mineral and bathing in the flakes is the fastest way for our bodies to absorb it.

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Meditation masterclass
Most of us struggle with meditation. Rather than trying to consciously clear your mind concentrate on your breathing. Take a deep breath in for the count of five and exhale for eight. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing.

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On-the-go fixes
For those moments when you’re out-and-about and your holiday feels like a distant dream, you need H.Gillerman Organics True Relaxation Stress Remedy, £36. The blend of lavender and citrus notes provides instant clarity.

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The unconventional trick
A perfectly polished, chip-free, glossy manicure can instantly lift your mood. Invest in a striking red or summery coral nail polish by Jin Soon to make your tan pop. If you would rather pay someone else, book a manicure at Margaret Dabbs’ Sole Spa (020 7494 4492).

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Treat yourself
If you want to relive the state of relaxation you felt when you were on holiday, treat yourself to a tailor-made Dermalogica treatment. Their signature skin treatment, £65 for 60 minutes, will leave you refreshed, revived and feeling your best.

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