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Sandra Sandor

The Nanushka founder lays her morning beauty regime bare

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Beauty may not define us, but our morning rituals often have an important part to play in how our day unfolds. To demonstrate our differences for the better – and, admittedly, feed a little curiosity – we’ve called in some help to find out just how we spend those first waking hours, through cleansing, cosmetics and all in between. This time, it’s the turn of Sandra Sandor, designer and founder of cult Budapest brand, Nanushka, whose early starts make way for an indulgent, easy-going wake up.

My version of an alarm clock is my dog, Ginie the Bedlington. She wakes me up at 7am every morning and we take a walk by the river. Usually I go to the gym three times per week, where I either have a yoga class – usually on Friday mornings – or do some kind of weight or cardio exercise. After the walk or gym time comes my favourite part of the day, when I do my breathing exercise – it really helps me reconnect myself, evaluate my to-do list for the day and open up my senses. You might have guessed that I’m a morning person!

After my walk or exercise, I take a shower with Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Wash and I use the same brand for my hair. I love the scent of natural rose, it makes me feel nostalgic. I only use natural deodorant and I brush my teeth with a natural toothpaste.

First off, I put on my LIXIRSKIN Vitamin C morning mask, followed by Pixi Retinol Tonic. I add a few drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and finish up with LIXIRSKIN Universal Emulsion moisturiser. Even though it’s not part of my morning routine, I use Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Eye Cream at night.

I prefer very natural makeup; I really know my face and have a preferred way of applying it. First, I use a sheer foundation. Then I add a light brown eyeshadow followed by an eyeliner pen and brow gel. I use a mascara with a small brush – I can work with it much better. My bronzer is my ultimate go to product. I have been using the same one for over 10 years – I absolutely love it as it gives me a healthy tanned look

I always centre part my hair and add some extra volume next to the part line with the help of the Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray. I love that it’s natural and organic!

My perfume is a rose scent – it’s in harmony with the body wash. I also sprinkle pure rose water on my face now and then throughout the day.

Home scent is just as important for me as my body fragrance, so I burn actual white frankincense resin. It’s so much more authentic than a diffuser.

I guess I’m really lucky as I can cut out the morning commute from my day as my office is next to the building where I live with my fiancé, Peter. So, I have more time for my beauty rituals and to have a more relaxed breakfast at home. I will have a cup of green tea at home with my avo on toast, and I drink a cappuccino later in the office. I really like good coffee and we have an amazing coffee machine with great coffees in the Nanushka studio.

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