The Quick Wellness Fix

The wake of party season can spell trouble for the skin and soul – so carry out a full-body detox to swiftly tackle the symptoms of an over-indulgent winter

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The post-Christmas slump can be somewhat overwhelming; not least when you’re attempting to shake off a month of solid socialising at the coldest time of year. Not only has your sleep pattern suffered, but so have your body and mind – and they require urgent attention. While we don’t hold the power to make early mornings lighter, we can offer an all-bases-covered guide of restorative quick fixes to help guide you back to wellness.


Having survived excessive exposure to winter weather, a month’s worth of makeup and maybe a drink or two, your skin is left starved of nutrients. Use Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Treatment Sheet Mask to instantly replenish radiance – and maintain this new healthy level of moisture with a super-conditioning oil, moisturiser and facial spritz combo.


Whether you’ve been the host with the most or the guest who hasn’t stopped giving, the stress of the festive season can be enough to leave us all with an extra wrinkle or two. Smooth out fine lines with lashings of moisture from Votary Intense Eye Oil, and put unwelcome under-eye bags to bed with an intensive eye cream or Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions Eye Mask.


Our hair tends to be the first thing we neglect when tired or strapped for time. Undo the aftermath of over-exposure and over-styling – whatever your hair type – with an intensive hydration remedy or miracle split end healer. It’s not such common knowledge that long, shiny, voluminous hair starts at the scalp, so above all else, treat your own unsung hero courtesy of Aesop Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment – and watch the life flow back into your locks.


Your body is a temple that, when pushed to its limits, can sometimes slip out of sync. Restore order from the inside out – starting with daily supplements to replenish nutrients and keep things running smoothly, and finishing with a superfood skin detox from Seed to Skin Restorative Body Balm.


Of course, it’s not only what’s on the outside that counts. External stressors lead to internal exhaustion, and a holistic approach to healing can cure all manner of mild mental concerns. If the dreaded return to the daily grind is proving too much to bear, try an aromatherapeutic oil to restore inner peace and tranquility, assisted by anxiety-reducing Dr Jackson’s Relax Tea.

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