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If there’s one beauty product that has the power to stir the past, it’s perfume. Whether it’s a childhood memory, solidified in scent, or a highly-questionable fragrance that permeated your teenage years, scent-based memories stick. We caught a moment with three fragrance authorities, who take us on a journey into their perfumed personal tales...

Frédéric Malle
“My life has been in scent-o-scope in a way. I remember the scent of girls that I fell in love with, I remember the smell of walking on the snow in the middle of the night and you smell those burning fires. I remember the big bouquet of Casablanca lily that was at my grandmother’s summerhouse. It’s either places or people.”
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Sali Hughes
“I met my husband in Liberty, on our way to a Radio 4 comedy party - separately. We both came to Liberty because we were early and we were trying perfume. We glanced at each other and later, at the party, he asked if I was wearing Philosykos. I said, ‘Yes. Are you wearing L’Ombre dans l’Eau?’. We became friends, we got together – and now we’re married!“
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Bella Freud
“There’s a Guerlain fragrance called Habit Rouge which one of my first boyfriends wore and then Anita Pallenberg wore it and it takes me back. It’s like time transport and reminds me of all the things I was interested in at that time too. It’s incredible. More than any other thing, it can switch you back to something.”
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