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April Gargiulo

Go inside the daily rituals of the one-woman force behind Vintner’s Daughter

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Let’s face it, our morning rituals can make or break a day. Yet, who we are pre-9am is a secret too-often shielded from the outside world. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do some digging, giving you an insider on our designers and brand founders, through the beauty regimes and daily practices that define their waking hours. Showing how a little mindfulness can go a long way, we’re heading Stateside to meet April Gargiulo, the Vintner’s Daughter founder who bottled the answer to perfect skin.

My version of an alarm clock is usually one or two little girls sneaking into my bed, wanting to cuddle. This typically happens anywhere between 5:30 and 7am. On days when it is 7am, I feel like I won the jackpot! I savour this time with my girls in the morning before starting the day. Everyone is still a little sleepy and tender.

As the mum of two small children — and a CEO — a lengthy routine isn’t practical for me. That said, I have high standards when it comes to skincare. I start by splashing cool water on my face and follow it with an essence. I finish with our Active Botanical Serum, which is a non-negotiable for me, because it gives my skin everything it needs to be its most balanced and healthy in one single step. It saves me from spending a bunch of time layering on several products; it’s one and done. After that, I apply a chemical-free Broad Spectrum sunscreen and coat my lashes in mascara. That’s it. Voila!

I believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation; both are very grounding for me. I find 15 - 20 minutes to meditate daily, usually done in my bedroom, but sometimes I do a walking meditation outside. I live near a beautiful parkland, so any excuse to meander through it I will take. I also practice gratitude throughout the day which grounds me in the beauty and bounty around me.

My incredible husband takes my girls to school and then I make a jasmine green tea (my first of many cups of tea during the day) and take a look at Instagram, quickly scan emails to make sure nothing pressing is happening and then head off to work. Vintner’s Daughter HQ is in the heart of the Presidio in San Francisco, so I’m lucky enough to work in a beautiful, nature-rich area (with views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to boot!). I often take walks around the area during the day to clear my head or brainstorm because I am inspired by its history and natural beauty.

By 8pm we have had a family sit down dinner, played a bit and read books to the girls. Now for me time! It’s very easy: I cleanse my skin with a simple, foaming cleanser. I switch it up all the time. Next, I apply an essence, and follow with our liquid gold Active Botanical Serum. I’ve been very into facial cupping lately and have been doing that each night after applying Active Botanical Serum. I love it because it increases microcirculation and helps freshen up my complexion by bringing oxygenated blood to the surface.

Finally, I slide into bed with a massive cup of herbal tea — right now, my go-to is a dandelion and chamomile blend. I check Instagram one last time, and then dive into a good book. I’m currently reading Buddhist Economics and a fiction book by Murakami. It’s all about balance, right?

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