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When it comes to gifting, fragrance is the number one way to make someone feel special. To guide you to something more personal this Mother's Day, we asked our best-loved home fragrance and perfume brands to hand-pick their most compatible scent pairings - helping you choose a unique gift with a custom spin.

The Spirited Classic
Smoky and comforting

"Burn Narguile and Lys together to recreate the atmosphere of an Eastern garden at dusk. Tobacco, with its toasted honey aroma, warms the scent of the white flowers, underscoring their spicy accents."


The Trailblazer
Clean and contemporary

"Our fragrance enhancer, I Don't Know What, adds a lightness and modern shine to an otherwise rich white floral - for when you want to brighten it up."

D.S. & Durga

The Unafraid
Warm and woody

"Mix 4ml of Bergamot and Incense with 4ml Sandalwood and Musk to create a uniquely deep, woody, floral fragrance where the animalistic facets of jasmine are enhanced through sandalwood and musky notes."

Experimental Perfume Club

The Hopeless Romantic
Fresh and floral

"Layering L'Eau de Paille and Fleurs de Citronnier from Les Eaux de Politesse collection creates a momentous bouquet of warmth. Radiant sunbeams that warm your hair as you laze by a creek; an afternoon doze on a late summer's day."

Serge Lutens

The Homebody
Green and Oriental

"The rich and enveloping fragrance of Ambra with the fresh florals of Green Flowers fill your space with a soothing, re-balancing fragrance that reduces stress, calms tension and lifts fatigue."

Dr Vranjes
Liberty London

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