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The place where the world's best skin, hair, makeup and perfume brands come alive, our Beauty Hall is filled with cult products and new discoveries. No one knows this more than the experts behind the brands, so, in this series, we ask them to reveal all on your best-loved products and future favourites, to make light work of shopping the greatest skin care online.

Founded as a specialist makeup brand for sufferers of chronic skin concerns, Cover FX is the now the go-to for revolutionary, clean cosmetics. Famed for its globally-inclusive 40-shade foundation range and vegan formulations, this innovative makeup brand has found success by stripping back the staples we know (and thought we loved), to formulate reimagined versions that offer it all; a wealth of skin care benefits, full customisation and an uncompromising colour match. Here, Director of Artistry and Education, Trevor O'Keefe, decrypts the science behind the collection.

"Victor, our Chief Innovator and the chemist behind the Cover FX range, takes an objective approach when developing each formula, examining the benefit of every ingredient, weighing up the effect it will have in a photo and what exactly the client will get from it."


Inititially created for people who suffer from problem skin such as scarring, acne or enlarged pores, skin care is a huge part of the Cover FX DNA. Once the wider public got their hands on our antioxidant-infused Cream Concealer for under-eye dark circles, the brand was propelled into the mainstream. Power Play Foundation is our newest formula - it's super long-wearing, breatheable and sweat-proof with a natural finish. It's truly smart makeup, optimised for the active lifestyle.

"Our ingredients (sourced mainly from America, Belgium and Italy) are exceptional - we were one of the first vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands. Non-comedogenic and free of harsh ingredients like gluten, talc, parabens, fragrance and mineral oil, our makeup nourishes skin while allowing it to breathe - so wearing it pays off."

"The success of Custom Cover Drops inspired our shimmer-boosting Custom Enhancer Drops, which, in their first year on the shelves, won 17 beauty awards for Elle magazine."


Our Custom Cover Drops are iconic - they're what catapulted Cover FX into the makeup stratosphere. Super-concentrated with maximum coverage, they're designed to be mixed in with your existing skin care or foundation - the only time I ever used them alone was to conceal a tattoo!

Most commonly, people are looking for makeup that stays on all day without the need to retouch - but it's important to be educated about your own skin type in order to customise your routine correctly. It's all about balance - offset any dryness foundation might create with a primer first. Each of our four primers targets a different skin concern - layer them up to tackle multiple issues simultaneously. Blurring Primer won Best Primer for Harper's Bazaar magazine, thanks to its retexturising abilities. It glides onto skin like velvet, smoothing out open pores, texture from scarring or fine lines with an ultra-mattified, soft-focus finish - like a real life photo filter!


With a shade range that famously spans 40 variations including three different undertones (10 pink, 16 neutral and 14 golden), the quest to find a true match is less of a challenge than ever. To simplify this further, we've created a conversion chart that matches MAC foundation shades to their Cover FX equivalent.

Colour correction is my favourite thing to do. Every complexion presents a new challenge, and you can't beat the moment when you've transformed someone's insecurity into a look that lets them walk out with confidence. Correct Click Colour Corrector sticks come in six shades: Yellow, Green, Lavender, Peach, Orange and Brick, to target concerns that range from redness to severe under-eye dark circles and pigmentation. Orange and Brick can double up as lip and cheek colour - at Cover FX, it's all about creativity.


There's science behind the perfect highlight - Victor created our #particlesizematters hashtag to shine a spotlight on the processes behind the products. We use mica, a natural mineral, in our shimmer products. Glitter Drops are infused with large, visible particles, while Custom Enhancer Drops are made up of highly concentrated nano-particles for a light, buildable shimmer - the smaller the particle, the more natural the finish. Pressed Mineral Foundation features mica in its very finest form. Each particle is coated in amino acid for a transparent velvet finish that's not dry or flakey. An alternative to talc, they don't absorb any light, which prevents camera flashback and ashiness on darker skin.

If you've got oily or combination skin, you already have a built-in highlighter - just use powder to mattify shine-prone areas like the forehead, nose and chin, leaving the rest of the face untouched. Spritz bare areas with Illuminating Setting Spray to finish your look without flattening it.

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