Liberty Meets Susanne Kaufmann

Spa owner and skin care expert Susanne Kaufmann on beauty, wellness and the benefits of Alpine air. . .

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Susanne Kaufmann runs her spa and skin care business from the Bregenz forest in Austria. Locally sourced ingredients, holistic principles and highly developed techniques are the name of the game, promoting overall health and graceful ageing inside and out. We got this expert’s take on. . .

Natural skin care “In our region of the Bregenz forest, there’s a lot of knowledge of plants and what they do to skin. The idea was to use those plants but use them in a very modern, technical way. It was always very important to me that [the products] are organic, but are very effective.

Another very important point for us is the attitude behind how we produce what we do, everything is made in Austria in a village near here, and everything we need for the production and the packaging is from the surroundings - the product is very sustainable. Ingredients are local, they are all from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Some of them we even grow ourselves at the farm.”

Ageing Gracefully “We have a very holistic philosophy, [our products are] called anti-ageing, but it’s anti ageing in a holistic way. It’s not always about wrinkles, but the way you get older. For us this is a whole philosophy and when you come to our spa we don’t tell you to use [a particular] cream and your skin will be better, first we have to see what do you eat, drink, how you sleep, play sports, where do you live. Then it’s about treatments, movement, food and products. You can’t look at a person and say ‘boof!’ and everything’s better. Sometimes that works, but the body is a system and there are so many things that have to work together to give you perfect skin.”

Brand Ethos “How you use products in the spa is in our philosophy as well, for example with the facial, there is a ritual to how you use the product. It’s which product at what time and the massage technique, we use our knowledge of Chinese massage and if other spas use our product, they work in the Susanne Kaufmann system which is very important. It’s an overall regime rather than just product.”

City Living “If you live in a city, you still have a lot of opportunities to follow a natural philosophy; food is very important for long-term fitness and anti-ageing because you put it in your body every day. Do as much exercise as you can fit in, and then maybe you’ll need a little more product for cleansing. Drink a lot of water or tea, [wellness] is a mixture of many things coming together. In a city you need to cleanse at least twice a day - it’s very important to treat skin well and see a therapist regularly. The thing about cities is the air, that’s all, and perhaps a little more stress, so you have to compensate! If you live here in Bregenz there’s not a lot of traffic and the air is perfect, two less problems. There are other disadvantages though, no bars or places to go out and so on!"

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