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Yen Reis

The beauty innovator shares her journey from laser novice to facialist of the future

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Arriving at laser and light treatment after a bout of postpartum acne, Yen Reis quickly spotted the potential of a mild, maintenance-focused laser facial. She's now on a mission to re-educate the world, one downtime-free treatment at a time. We asked this beauty innovator and working mother to share her journey, as the first Skin Laundry location in the UK opens exclusively at Liberty.

“Skin Laundry is such a new concept – not many people even realise you can do laser facials. We’re still a relatively new brand so I wanted to be associated with someone reputable. For me to launch into a market like London where not many people know what I do, having Liberty is really important.

“We’re the future of facials”

Lasers have been around for over 30 years and used for everything from tattoo removal to skin rejuvenation. They’ve been kept secret because they’ve been so inaccessible so I’ve repackaged them for the modern, educated woman. I’m in that category myself – I can pay more but I don’t really understand why I should – so many people could benefit from this treatment but can’t afford the price tag, and I think that’s really unfair.

My background is in finance and the arts before I started Skin Laundry, my jump to beauty wasn’t necessarily a career choice, it was filling a void I saw in the market. I basically created the brand for myself – that sounds really selfish but I needed mild lasers and they weren’t available! I wanted to make them available accessible and affordable.

There are a lot of lasers out there but usually it’s painful, expensive and only done once or twice a year. I believe in milder regular treatments to maintain healthy skin, so as a customer I love that I can book it on my phone, sign the Ts and Cs, lie right down and be back at work after a 10 minute treatment with skin that feels cleaner, brighter and tighter. We don’t traumatise the skin so there’s no downtime, you don’t have to go and hide at home for two weeks, you can literally go on a date that night and feel great about your glowing skin.

“Skin Laundry is a single-service model, we could go out and offer 5,000 different lasers but I don’t want to, I want to do one thing and do it very well.”

These days, with environmental damage, pollution, and simple eating and drinking, your skin is constantly regressing due to factors you can’t control. What we do is reverse 7-10 days’ damage, and at the same time give you all the added benefits of lasers: collagen stimulation and the breaking down of pigmentation – all the stuff creams can’t do. If you’re getting this on a regular basis, you’ll have stronger, healthier skin for longer. It’s like your skin is standing still.

Over the last three years I’ve come up against some stigma around lasers, people immediately associate them with pain, downtime and a very expensive price tag. That’s why we offer the first treatment free, so people can really understand the treatments and see if it’s right for them. Our treatment is so mild even if we tried to hurt you we couldn’t – it’s about maintenance.

We started the skin care line at the same time we launched in New York City, it’s very much based around cleansers as I believe beautiful skin stems from clean skin. These days everyone’s really savvy, and starting to look after themselves a lot earlier. It’s about preserving and preventing, understanding the benefits of things like lasers now rather than needing botox later. People want to preserve what they have for longer and I think that’s smarter.

There will always be people who love cosmetics, but there’s an evolution where it’s more about having fun with colour than heavy foundation or achieving a base. We get your skin to a place where it’s so healthy you don’t have to wear much makeup – if anything I wear a little concealer.”

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