On Crystal Healing

Herbivore’s Julia Wills unlocks the mysteries of crystal healing

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Herbivore holds the power of crystals at its core. It’s co-founder, Julia Wills, discovered stone healing and spirituality at a young age and, along with her partner, Alexander Kummerow, has translated their unique properties into a line of all-natural skin care. Here, Wills debunks the cult beauty brand’s crystal connection.

What sparked your passion for crystals and healing stones?I grew up around crystals. My mum owns and runs a day spa and specialises in energetic and crystal healing alongside facials and body treatments featuring natural skin care. Growing up I was taught to respect crystals and regard them as healing tools. This is the philosophy I have taken into my adult life and into Herbivore.

Herbivore: On Crystal Healing

What inspired you to create beauty products linked to healing crystals?Since I have always regarded crystals as healing tools, it made sense to me to incorporate them into the therapeutic healing skin care products that we were creating. Crystals have been an inspiration behind many products in the brand. For example, when we created Lapis Oil, the natural colour of the oil reminded me of the deep blue colour of the Lapis stone. This is where Lapis Oil got its name.

What are the benefits of incorporating healing crystals (in beauty products and otherwise) into our daily routines?I believe that crystals have both energetic and physical healing properties. For example, rose quartz is helpful for clearing and charging the heart chakra which helps to increase self-love and unconditional love for others. This makes it great a great tool to use during meditation or anytime you want to increase your feelings of love. A simple rose quartz healing meditation would be to take some deep breaths and imagine pink light flowing through your body while holding a rose quartz in your hand.

Herbivore: On Crystal Healing

Some of your products contain real gemstone particles: what physical benefits do these have on the skin? When we got our first sample of tourmaline gemstone powder we took a little bit out of the bag and rubbed it onto our hands. We were surprised to see that our hands were immediately brighter and glowing. We really couldn’t believe the instant results on our skin! So, we decided to formulate Brighten Mask with this gemstone as a key ingredient.

Technically speaking, tourmaline gemstone releases negative ions which help to increase circulation in the skin and give it a radiant glow.

Gemstone facial rollers are having a beauty moment – what’s the story behind them and how are they effective?Gemstone facial rollers are very effective tools for lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation in the skin and gently massaging facial muscles while toning and sculpting the face. They are pretty remarkable and have been used in Asian skin care rituals for a very long time. On top of that, they are made of real gemstones that also have their own energetic healing properties. They are an incredible tool for beauty rituals. And, as a huge bonus, they also help the product to absorb into the skin so are great to pair with facial oils in particular. The oil will act as a lubricant and the rollers will glide more easily over the skin. And, the roller in turns helps the oil to absorb better into the skin.

Herbivore: On Crystal Healing

Can you talk us through your own wellness routine?I like to make time every day or as often as I can to take a bath and use my Rose Quartz roller. I also like to do meditation and deep breathing during this time. Having a ritual like this helps me to restore physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel that taking time like this for yourself and having an enjoyable self-care ritual is very important for balancing out our hectic fast-paced lives.

And which crystals you’re currently using?I am currently using crystals that correspond with various chakras that I am personally working on healing. I am using tourmaline which corresponds to the Root Chakra and is helpful for providing a sense of security and stability. I am working with kunzite for increasing feelings of self-love and clearing my heart chakra. I am also working with aquamarine to help open my throat chakra and use my voice to speak up when needed.

Herbivore: On Crystal Healing
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