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Bedtime Routine

The brand's founders share their four-step bedtime routine, guaranteeing baby - and you - a good night's sleep

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With five young children and a thriving business between them, sisters in law and Bloom and Blossom founders Christina Moss and Julia Yule have become expert in nailing a good night's sleep - and it starts with getting the little ones down. Here they share their tried and tested four-step bedtime routine that promises to get babies and kids settled, so you can relax and prep for your own shuteye.

"Falling asleep with positive affirmations front of mind will help your children sleep more soundly. For the younger children, a pillow spray can help with night terrors and help any child believe they won't have horrible dreams. For older children, it is important that they have a true understanding of why sleep is important. It is crucial they understand that sleep helps with brain development and this physical and mental rest and recovery improves their concentration, problem solving and creativity."

Step 1: Sleep Schedule
Having a bath at the end of the day is an internal switch off for your little ones. It can help them wind down from their day and encourages the sense of familiarity. Naturally soothing scents can help your little one start this process. The familiarity of the same fragrance each night kicks off the process.
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Step 2: Nourish
Baby's skin is three-to-five times thinner than adult's, so make sure you look for ingredients in your bedtime products that won't irritate your child's delicate skin. Shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil are naturally nourishing and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
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Step 3: Touch and Bond
Studies have shown that massaging your baby can reduce crying and fussiness, help them sleep more peacefully and alleviate constipation and colic. Some say that it even boosts your baby's ability to fight off germs. Baby massage helps the whole family and in turn, ensures a good night's sleep for all.
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Step 4: Senses
Ensure the sleep environment is as relaxing as possible to encourage production of melatonin which is essential for restful sleep. A baby's sense of smell is not as developed as adults, so engaging them with soothing scents like ylang ylang, chamomile and lavender helps to stimulate their senses. For us it's a generous spritz our Pillow Spray for happy dreams (a spray on each corner of the pillow, on their hair, on teddy's hair - it makes all the difference). Then it's lights out and ready for those happy dreams.
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