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RIXO's Henrietta & Orlagh

We talk daily rituals with the female duo behind the hit womenswear label

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Mornings: they come easier for some than others. And those little weekday pressures don't leave much room for an elaborate regime, especially when there's a booming ready-to-wear label to keep in check. Enter RIXO co-founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, who take us inside their morning beauty matters, from cleansing to caffeine kicks - and prove that living and working together needn't complicate those fine-tuned daily habits.

Orlagh: I always start with a half-cold, half-hot shower, which sets me up for the day!

Henrietta: I'm usually on Instagram straight away, doing our first morning RIXO post, so I'll do that before I properly get up. My routine's quite basic, I'll just cleanse, tone using Ren Clarimatte Toner and moisturise - serum as well. I love skin care! During the week, I wouldn't really wear that much makeup.

Orlagh: We both love the REN Micro Polish Cleanser, which isn't too harsh for your face - I usually wait until the end of my shower, when your face is a bit softer from the steam. Then I'll moisturise with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and follow with Ren Daily AHA Tonic straight after.

We always use body oils - the Omorovicza Firming Body Oil, I love their stuff! I always use the Mineral UV Shield SPF as well. And their Queen of Hungary Mist is amazing! I always put on some foundation - that's a go-to every morning. Then, just a little lip tint and a dab of skin balm; sometimes I use a clear brow gel if I have a spare few seconds.

Henrietta: For hair, we both use argan oil, then just let it dry naturally. I put mine in a loose plait so it has a bit of a wave.

Orlagh: Mine's very similar - I guess we've morphed into one! We do love perfume as well, I've got quite a lot of the Creed perfumes, which are great.

Henrietta: We're not too bad in the mornings - I wouldn't snooze my alarm for an hour, there's usually so much to do that you don't really have a choice! Then, we're really close to the office so we commute together all the time.

Orlagh: We'll either drive or walk down. It's actually really nice now, walking in the cold when you're all wrapped up - the air's really crisp and fresh. There's not much need for public transport, which is probably good for our skin! I, personally, can't live without lip balm and 100 Acres Hand Cream - your hands always get so dry in winter.

Henrietta: Then, we'll grab a nice coffee - we love a coffee in the mornings! - and start the day straight into work.

Orlagh: At weekends, we'd try to go to the gym, go for a run, as soon as we get up. It's really nice to run down by the river, either in the evening or at the weekend. We're definitely more evening people, I would probably prefer to go for a run at night than get up an hour earlier in the morning - I'd much rather be in bed!

Henrietta: At night, I'd usually put a night moisturiser and every once in a while, I'll put on a face mask. Kiehl's do some really nice ones too - the Calendula & Aloe Hydration Masque.

Orlagh: Ren do a really good balm too, the Evercalm Overnight Recovery, that's a bit too heavy for day so I couldn't wear it and put makeup on, but I always put it on at night. That's really good at night time. There's Kiehl's Youth Dose Eye Treatment too - the way I put it on is too thick to be wearing it during the day, so I put that on at night. Sometimes I put self-tan on my face in the evenings, maybe once a week. It means I don't have to put on makeup and it gives a bit of colour.

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