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There’s never a bad time for some head-to-toe TLC, but it doesn’t always need to mean decamping to a spa. Start by making the best of your own bathroom with an at-home spa experience. Equipped with the right tools, treatments and a knack for the basics, achieving full-body relaxation could be as simple as a short trip down the hall.

The Tool Kit
For an untrained hand, having some tools in your belt might be your saviour. Use a roller for a deep facial massage, smoothing skin and encouraging lymphatic drainage. And don’t be afraid of oils. They lubricate to avoid dragging and the pressure of the roller helps intensive formulas become one with your skin.

Creating a multi-sensory experience at home is as easy as dimming the lights and filling the air with a soothing scent. Candles are a no-brainer for ambience but try layering harmonising aromas to up the relaxation power – especially when fragrant bath infusions or aromatherapy oils factor into your home therapy ritual.

Slow it Down
With the hours set aside, now’s the time to take on those intensive formulas. It might leave the tiles a little worse for wear, but a gritty salt or sugar scrub will help you achieve your softest skin yet. Go the extra mile with more laborious processes like body brushing too – remember to use circular motions, sweeping away from the heart. Your body will thank you!

Get to the Root
Total-body repair starts from the inside. A rebalancing mineral soak creates a soothing environment for relaxation and allows your body to absorb vital compounds. To really do things holistically, incorporate natural supplements that ease the root causes of stress and fatigue, from sluggish digestion to anxiety.

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