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Winter Skin Essentials

The seasonal skin essentials you shouldn’t brave the cold without

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With bracing temperatures and parties aplenty, winter can be taxing – but it needn’t wreak havoc on your complexion. Make the dreaded seasonal switch that little bit more bearable by upgrading your one-size-fits-all beauty line-up to a super-powered five-step routine that tackles dryness, dullness and fatigue – ‘tis the season for self-care, after all.

1 / Cleanse
Yes, you cleanse – but is your current formula equipped to see you through the harsh clutches of winter? Switch to something mild and super-hydrating to replenish nutrient-stripped skin, like Plenaire’s Rose Jelly, which maintains a quenched complexion for up to eight hours after makeup removal.
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2 / Moisturise
Used by climbers summitting Mount Everest in 1988, there’s no better treatment for moisture-stripped skin than Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It is rich yet lightweight, absorbs at lightning speed and utilises squalane to lock in moisture with a protective effect. A rare universal find, well-deserving of its unshakeable cult status.
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3 / Exfoliate
Employ a good exfoliator to slough away complexion-dulling dead skin caused by dryness. There’s no need to scrub with Verso’s Enzyme Peel: a scientifically formulated exfoliating gel powered by AHA, PHA and antioxidant pomegranate enzymes to keep skin shining bright through frost, mist and fog.
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4 / Protect
SPF isn’t just for summer – cold winter rays are damaging, too. To maximise the efficacy of this vital step, choose a sunscreen with additional benefits. Susanne Kaufmann Face Broad Spectrum Protection Sunscreen offers mineral-based SPF 30, alongside anti-ageing active ingredients and infrared defence to safeguard your skin for the future.
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5 / Nourish
The ultimate soother for seasonal flare-ups – Herbivore Emerald is the crowning jewel of winter skin care. Embellished with hemp oil to calm irritation, alongside a holistic herbal line-up that makes skin glow, this natural remedy works wonders for redness, dullness and dehydration – apply it with the brand’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller to optimise absorption.
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6 / Boost
After over-exposure to the elements, or when festivities have left skin depleted, reach for Aurelia Overnight Recovery Mask to nurture skin back to full health. Packed to the brim with plant-based plumpers and signature probiotics, this SOS mask is the all-natural, vegan and sustainably produced way to kick that season-long hangover.
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