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Get to the root of the issue with a five-step solution to calm, comfort and condition

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Great hair starts at the root – fact. Yet our hair care rituals all-too-often neglect the scalp in favour of short-term, surface-level solutions. It’s time to ditch the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra and view scalp care as you would skin care. Follow these five steps to buff away dandruff, banish product build-up and detoxify, making way for fresh, glossy hair growth.

Step 1. Scrub
Dubbed ‘rehab for the scalp’, Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub is the cult hair care brand’s answer to squeaky clean follicles. It’s packed with protective probiotics, exfoliating sugar granules and deep-cleansing, foaming coconut oil for easy in-shower application. Just the product to kick off your new philosophy – it treats skin too!

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Step 2. Shampoo
To tackle scalp care seamlessly, choose hair care essentials with targeted benefits. Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo is a sulphate-free cleansing formula from the hair care virtuoso. It soothes with fragrant herbs and botanicals, whilst reducing excess sebum and product build-up for less grease and more gloss.

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Step 3. Massage
This cult hair care tool has taken the beauty world by storm – and for good reason. Often referred to as an ‘anti-dandruff brush’, the scalp brush is the go-to tool for evenly distributing shampoos, hair serums and masks with a gentle massage. uka’s Kenzan Scalp Brush deep-cleanses and removes build-up to achieve that salon-clean feeling at home.

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Step 4. Serum
It’s not just itchiness, flakiness and dullness at the mercy of your scalp. The correct care can also improve hair loss and fragility. Davines NaturalTech Energising Seasonal Superactive is a unique scientific treatment for stress-induced and seasonal thinning. Anti-inflammatory actives and a custom complex get to work on density and body for instantly tangible results.

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Step 5. Mask
Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisture Masque offers a genius fusion of speed and luxury. When hair is dry and brittle, reach for this intensive hydration treatment to restore vitality, lustre and softness. The rich, silky crème features lavender stem, beta-carotene and rose petal – also to thank for the warm floral aroma. Try this one on a quiet night in to make it miraculously productive.

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